The Trade Federation #64

by The Trade Federation

Joe B returns to the podcast to talk Star Wars Card Trader with Bill and Joe R. They discuss Expanded Universe, trade strategy, tips, trivia, Pokemon, CDs, and lots lots more.

San Diego Comic Con is under way and the Hasbro Black Series Fan’s Choice poll, as well as some recent Legends news, has got the hosts contemplating the role of Expanded Universe characters within Star Wars canon. Lots of very good phone calls, some from last week’s lost episode, spark conversations that vary from Janes Addiction to Pokemon Go.

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The Trade Federation #64

Last week there were some technical difficulties that resulted in a lost episode, so this week’s episode, with special guest Joe B. AKA JB1127, is packed with extra phone calls, lots of laughter, and an uncomfortable look at Darth Talon.

For some reason we didn’t even touch on the one topic we planned to discuss: Open Edition cards. If you want to know how to see the counts, contact Joe and Bill (and LightmanX5) on Reddit or Twitter, and they’ll let you know. Hopefully they’ll remember next week.


0:00 Intro – JB1127

0:02 Why we missed a week

0:03 Joe R explains Pokemon Go

0:12 Voicemail – Kelsman – Tk-001 guy and building through trade

0:22 Voicemail – Biljamin – Crosstrading and Marathons

0:31 WWE Card Trader – What kind of fan are you brother?

0:38 Voicemail – Martine’s tip for seeking obscure hoarders.

0:42 Voicemail – Sean aka ThePittsburghNerd – Expanded Universe

0:53 Voicemail – Isaac – How to create a Ferengi butt-head with small ears.

0:58 Voicemail – CurtNeedsARide – “Weekly Trivia”

1:01 Voicemail – DAnderson72 – Brilliant “Tip-of-the-Week”

1:06 Poll: EU in SWCT

1:13 Mike Audette is a bigger Tarkin fan than Joe R.

1:27 Bill can’t find CDs at a concert

1:24 Outro

About The Trade Federation

Star Wars Card Trader is taking the world by storm. The app from Topps, available on on iOS and Android devices, has more and more followers every day, and has become a fun and exciting marketplace, creating a new generation of deeply involved fans and collectors. From Reddit forums to eBay to social media, #SWCT can be complex–even overwhelming for newcomers.

That’s where the Trade Federation comes in.

The first-ever podcast of its kind, this IS the destination for Star Wars Card Trader users who need to know the most recent information, strategies, and predictions for the future. Join hosts Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski each week as they break down the latest news and releases, talk about trade strategy, look at upcoming sets and awards, break down the pricing of cards on eBay and more!

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