The Trade Federation #50

by The Trade Federation

Joe and Bill get straight into the weekly poll about types of traders!

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Joe and Bill have a giant poll that bears a ton of discussing this week, so they plan to get straight into it. First however, the guys spend a while talking about how strange it is that we are now in a world where a person can own Star Wars: The Force Awakens and watch it anytime they want on practically any device they want. The Force Awakens is officially just another piece of the Star Wars saga that we all have in our homes (and on our computers, and tablets, and phones) and that fact is simply bizarre, at least to Joe.

Then it’s time to get into the poll and talk ‘types of traders on the feed.’ Specifically, who is your least favorite type of person to run into? Two for one guy? The trader with the highly non-specific ‘Trade Me’ message? Those people with an incredibly long list of things they have and are looking for that eclipses the entire area the feed provides?

Many of the respondents mentioned that it was hard to choose just one! But in the end the votes are tallied and the winner (loser?) is revealed. Who did most people pick? The answer may surprise you! It certainly surprises Bill and Joe who ultimately have a different opinion on the entire thing.

For the first time, Joe and Bill each spend some time posting feed messages during the episode and chatting about the various offers that come in. They consider making it a recurring theme in future episodes, so if you enjoy it then let them know!

Finally, the show moves on to user voicemails and recurring caller DANDERSON has a response from Topps that explains all about Force Score, how it works, how it is calculated and more! After all this time, it was as simple as asking Topps how it worked. Who knew?


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0:03 We own Force Awakens!
0:15 Weekly Poll
0:42 Listener Voicemails

About The Trade Federation

Star Wars Card Trader is taking the world by storm. The app from Topps, available on on iOS and Android devices, has more and more followers every day, and has become a fun and exciting marketplace, creating a new generation of deeply involved fans and collectors. From Reddit forums to eBay to social media, #SWCT can be complex–even overwhelming for newcomers.

That’s where the Trade Federation comes in.

The first-ever podcast of its kind, this IS the destination for Star Wars Card Trader users who need to know the most recent information, strategies, and predictions for the future. Join hosts Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski each week as they break down the latest news and releases, talk about trade strategy, look at upcoming sets and awards, break down the pricing of cards on eBay and more!

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