“The Mutiny” Star Wars Resistance S02E14

by Eric Onkenhout

Tired of being pushed around by Captain Doza, Kragan and his pirate crew plot a scheme to take over the Colossus in, The Mutiny.

This article contains plot points from Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny.

This week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance titled The Mutiny features a cameo by the Crimson Corsair, aka Sidon Ithano. Chief pirate Kragan Gorr and the Corsair agree on a transaction—payment for several Clone Wars era B2 Super Battle Droids. The Mutiny takes Star Wars Resistance in an intriguing direction. It’s an action-packed episode that full of pirates doing pirate-y things. Neeku once again saves the day, and family isn’t always blood.

Right off the bat, the Crimson Corsair makes his appearance, meeting with Kragan Gorr to exchange credits for several old Super Battle Droids. The two meet on a remote, icy asteroid, somewhere where shady deals can go down without gaining any unwanted attention. The Crimson Corsair made his first appearance in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens when Finn considered joining his crew at Maz’s Castle. In the visual dictionary for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, a reference is made about a recent sale by Ithano of a cache of vintage super battle droids to Kragan Gorr.

Sidon Ithano

Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny

From one pirate to another, Sidon Ithano is cold and calculating. When teamed up with his former first mate Quiggold, Ithano was content with letting his partner do the talking. Ithano’s costume design has been one of the cooler ones to come out of the sequel trilogy, so getting to see him here is a treat. To contrast Ithano’s lethal demeanor, Kragan’s buffoonery gets amplified.

Kragan purchased the hulking mechanical soldiers to use them to take over the Colossus. This sounds like it could work because, as far as security goes on the Colossus, there isn’t a whole lot. The Ace’s are strictly a space defense force. The pirate gang, which now includes a half dozen B2 Battle droids, outnumbers the Colossus’ defenses, which includes Doza, 4D, Kaz, and Yeager.

Synara Shines

Meanwhile, Synara discusses what’s going to happen to the pirates with Captain Doza. Synara is the best character on this show. Her attributes, abilities, and knowledge have all helped in certain situations. Despite the way she was treated by Gorr and being accepted as one of the Colossus’ crew, she still looks out for her old gang. Synara insists Doza is essentially keeping the pirates as prisoners. Doza acts as a police force, claiming that he can’t let them leave because of past transgressions. Doza’s point is valid. If he were to let them go, they would probably break the law (they are pirates, that’s what they do). But Doza is not law enforcement. He cannot hold anyone against their will. But as captain, he can lock down the Colossus.

Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny

Doza knows somethings up with Kragan and secretly, along with Yeager, asks Neeku to spy on Kragan and his thugs. Kaz comes strolling in, suspicious of what’s going on. Doza asks Kaz to repair the Fireball. Yikes! Star Wars Resistance is getting meta. Everyone knows what a goofball Kaz is, even Resistance is pushing him aside for a more competent spy. More on meta Resistance later.

Neeku, Resistance Spy

Kragan recruits Neeku to repair the B2’s and tells him they’re a gift to the Colossus for letting them stay. Neeku’s innocence is so genuine, Kragan never suspects Neeku is spying on him. In addition to the B2’s, a B1 battle droid is part of the cache. Kragan assumes Ithano tossed it in for free. Kragan really isn’t very smart. He’s just intelligent enough to lead a band of pirates who’d fit right in on a Pirates of the Caribean Disney ride. There’s no real threat, and that is the deciding factor when the mutiny finally ensues.

Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny

When Kragan’s mutiny commences, it all seems to be working until it’s revealed that Neeku actually programmed the B2’s to take orders from the B1. Then it was game over. Doza and his security droids were of little defense against the B2’s. Battle droids made for war will destroy any security droids any day. Kaz couldn’t hit a moon with stun rings. Why is Kaz even here? Synara takes out her former pirate friend without breaking a sweat. Once again, everyone is capable except for Kaz. Kaz is that co-worker that does nothing right, but somehow still has a job.

Neeku is the MVP

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for Neeku, Kragan’s crazy plan could’ve worked. Neeku and Synara, and maybe Yeager, are all the Colossus needs. Everyone else can go home. Synara convinces Doza to let the pirates leave as long as they deactivate their hyperdrive and never return to the Colossus. Disabling the hyperdrive is harsh. Why not let them get as far away from the Colossus as possible?

Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny

It’s About Family

Recently in The Rise of Skywalker, Rey decided not to let familial bloodlines determine who she was or what her destiny would be. Choosing one’s own family because of the way they’re treated or loved is a message not only found in the movies but also in this series. For example, Doza says to Synara, “I know how hard it is to go against family.” Synara responds, “I think I found a better one.”

Getting back to meta Resistance, Neeku tells Kaz that he learned everything about being a spy from him, “If you look naive, clumsy, inept, and uncertain, no one will ever know your true motivations.” Exactly Neeku. Exactly. It’s good to know that the creators don’t take Star Wars Resistance too serious. Nothing wrong with some fun.

Star Wars Resistance The Mutiny


The Mutiny calls back to the prequels, which was awesome! This episode showed some urgency in that it dealt with the matter of what to do with the pirates. Do they stay and serve some purpose, or do they leave? That issue is now resolved. The series finale is rapidly approaching, with only four episodes remaining. An hour-long two-part episode airs next Sunday, The New World and No Place Safe, and from the trailer, it looks like the Colossus is in danger of being found, and Poe will be returning as well.

It’s not easy to judge anything from a trailer, but it looks like Resistance will be taking on a more dramatic tone over the last few episodes. Imagine how much better it could’ve been if that was the intention from the beginning.

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