“The Missing Agent” Star Wars Resistance S02E12

by Eric Onkenhout

A distress signal catches the attention of the Colossus. Kaz leads an investigation to find its origins, in The Missing Agent.

This article contains plot points from Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent.

The Missing Agent, the 12th episode of season two of Star Wars Resistance tells the story of a resistance spy whose job it is to procure a list of First Order contacts and report his findings back to the resistance. Before he can transmit this information, a bounty hunter who was hired by the First Order captures the spy and uses him as bait to draw in more hostages. The Missing Agent features high-intensity hand to hand fighting, espionage, and fast-paced chase scenes. An overall enjoyable episode, however, Resistance has played itself into a corner. It’s become a microcosm of simultaneous events happening somewhere else across the galaxy.

The resistance has spies planted all over the galaxy, and in Vargos Spaceport, one such spy by the name of Norath Kev, a Duros, tracks the First Order by tracing activity in the black market. With the First Order so adamant against making the same mistakes as the Empire, it’s surprising they would resort to still using black market channels to gain an edge against the lowly resistance. And with the resistance in dire straits, It would seem the First Order would have no difficulty in stomping out any rebellion. So why the need for underground networks? To keep tabs on what the resistance is doing on those same channels.

Spies Like Us

Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent

Aboard the Colossus, Kaz, working the comm station, intercepts a resistance distress signal. He turns to Captain Doza and says, “Resistance frequencies are coded. They’re nearly impossible to duplicate.” If that’s true, then why doesn’t the Colossus send a coded frequency to the nearest resistance outpost? And why didn’t they do that 11 episodes ago? If the idea was to keep Star Wars Resistance apart from the sequel trilogy, mission accomplished. But it could’ve been done without including contradicting dialogue and having it make much more sense. Use that information made available correctly or remove the line altogether.

Synara joins Kaz, Yeager, and CB-23 on their flight down to Vargos spaceport to investigate the distress signal. Synara makes a comment that she’s only asked to come when bodily harm is a possibility. When it comes down to it, Synara is the only one who has experience dealing with the underground that is also a contributing member of the Colossus, and once again proves her worth in this episode.

Vargos Spaceport

Vargos spaceport resembles any spaceport/market in the Star Wars galaxy, such as Mos Eisley or Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. It’s home to a variety of species and vendors selling anything a traveler may need or not need.

Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent

As the unsuspecting group walks through the spaceport, a vendor calls them over, trying to sell them something. The vendor, a Gran (the same species as Ree-Yees in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi), called Lechee, is named after Lucasfilm’s Leland Chee and is voiced by SNL alum Fred Armisen. Little do they know is that Lechee is a First Order informant, much like Bazine Netal in The Force Awakens, except Lechee doesn’t report directly to the First Order. Instead, he is hired by a bounty hunter called Ax Tagrin, who then informs the First Order of their presence. This shows how deep the First Order has its moles planted throughout the galaxy.

Ax to Grind

Synara discovers that Ax Tagrin is a bounty hunter digging up resistance spies for the First Order in exchange for payment. Lechee sold out Norath to the First Order to make enough credits to leave Vargos spaceport. It shows how low people will go to get ahead in life. Selling out others to improve one’s own career. Lechee holds no allegiance to the First Order, probably doesn’t care either way who wins the war as long as he’s not affected. But with his market stand not bringing in enough, he resorts to doing what he has to do to survive.

Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent

When Kaz, Yeager, Synara, and CB arrive to ask Lechee some questions, he soon caves without much of a fight. He gives up the location of Ax’s ship then tells them to “leave me alone.” That’s what regular folk want; to be left alone. Lechee isn’t a bad guy, he doesn’t even seem like the type who would intentionally hurt someone. If he knew what would happen to resistance captives, he would most definitely look for an alternative way to get rich. He may even join the resistance if it meant some financial gain. He was offered money for information, and to him, there was no choice but to agree to the deal.

Norath Kev

It’s interesting to note that the beginning of Rey’s Theme is heard as the group arrives at the docking bay to search for Norath. It turns out Norath was tracking shipments and materials the First Order is moving through black market channels, and he has a list of First Order sympathizers and dealers. Norath has accomplished more as a resistance spy in one episode than Kaz has in nearly two seasons.

Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent

Ax contacts Commander Pyre and tells him he’s snagged three more members of the resistance, then the two exchange coordinates to perform the transaction. Ax’s ship is designed to mirror his headgear, which is a creative way to add a new ship design by the animation team. One of the strengths of Resistance is its starship design. Ax Tagrin is a physically imposing figure covered from head to toe in armor. His faceplate is removable to reveal his pleasant demeanor (insert sarcasm here). At first glance, Ax appears to be an Iktochi (see Saesee Tiin in Revenge of the Sith), judging by his facial horns.

Star Wars Resistance The Missing Agent


The Missing Agent is a good episode. Not great. Right now, Star Wars Resistance feels very much like it’s an isolated story taking part in a distant part of the galaxy concurrent with the sequel trilogy but rarely crossing paths. Kylo Ren is still scheduled to make an appearance before the series end, but by then, the fate of the Supreme Leader will have been revealed in The Rise of Skywalker. The Missing Agent ends on a cliffhanger with Ax in a physical confrontation with Synara and Yeager, while Kaz and Norvath escape on a speeder. Kaz calls Doza for a pickup, but it’s too late as the First Order is in orbit and has dispatched TIE’s to the surface. This is part one of a two-parter. The first two-part episode this season with one more coming before the end of the series in January.

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