The Last Jedi and the Future of Star Wars from Phoenix Comicon 2017

by The Animanicast

From Phoenix Comicon 2017 — It’s “The Last Jedi” panel featuring The Animanicast and special guests!

From a stage at Phoenix Comicon 2017, Join Joey from RetroZap’s “The Animanicast” along with Jason Hunt from “The Wampa’s Lair” podcast and Kyle Avery from “Star Wars: The Saga Continues” podcast as they discuss what we can expect from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and what the future of Star Wars has in store for us!

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Joey calls on a member of the audience during Q and A

Phoenix Comicon 2017 Last Jedi Panel

Joey from the Animanicast recently co-hosted a panel covering “The Last Jedi and the Future of Star Wars” at Phoenix Comicon 2017 along with Jason from “The Wampa’s Lair” and Kyle from “Star Wars: The Saga Continues.”

The panel features a discussion of the yet-untitled “Han Solo Standalone film” as well as a discussion of “Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.”

This was the third year Phoenix Comicon featured a panel with the trio. They have previously hosted Star Wars Trivia panels, The Force Awakens, and The Clone Wars (which can be seen HERE.)

Topics Discussed

The Han Solo Film-

  • Who are the stars?
  • What are the possible plot points?
  • How are the recent TMZ photos consistent with plot elements found in the current Star Wars books and comics?

The Last Jedi-

  • The teaser trailer is shown and reviewed with the audience.
  • What Luke might mean when he says, “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”
  • With the absence of the New Republic, the power vacuum of the galaxy is discussed.
  • What the recent Vanity Fair pictures and article tell us about the movie.
  • New alien designs are discussed. Do they look too much like Doctor Who designs?
  • What might Lucasfilm do with the character of Leia now with the passing of Carrie Fisher?
  • The trio also discuss Rey’s character and what they hope to see in her training.
  • Who could be Rey’s parents?
  • Audience Q and A

Jason and Kyle discussing details before the panel. Nathan from The Animanicast smiles in the first row.

Joey is one of the hosts of the Animanicast, a podcast that is dedicated to revisiting each episode of the classic cartoon series “Animaniacs.” You can follow him on twitter @joeyintucson and check out episodes of “The Animanicast” by visiting

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