The Gifted Season Two Review: Identity Crisis in the Making

by Eric Onkenhout

The Mutant Underground has split, and Reed Strucker is forced to face his family’s legacy head-on. Meanwhile, new foes threaten to eliminate all mutants from society in the second season of The Gifted.

This article contains plot points from The Gifted season two. 

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The second season of The Gifted is suitable for a network television series; which isn’t saying much. It tries so hard to reach for greatness by utilizing emotion, special effects, and social commentaries that reflect the current state of society. However, in doing so, it prevents itself from reaching those lofty goals naturally. Thus, amplifying the insincerities that plague the season from start to finish. The storyline, in concept, works. The Mutant Underground fights for equal rights, as long as it’s done the right way; only using their powers for self-preservation. The Inner Circle is more militaristic and believes it does what has to, to obtain the same rights as humans. The Purifiers don’t believe the mutants deserve the same rights as humans and are afraid they will use their powers to harm humans, therefore, want them locked up or worse, eliminated as a species. The Morlocks are a society of mutants who dwell in the underworld, content with living separate lives from humans. Morlocks want no part in the battle between the Mutant Underground, the Purifiers, and the Inner Circle. There’s no doubt, the second season of The Gifted won’t be lacking in action.

The Gifted Season Two Episode Guide

“eMergence” S02E01

The Gifted Season Two

A mutant on the run.

After recruiting the mutants Lorna/Polaris, (Emma Dumont) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) for the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Reeva Payge (Grace Byers) stages a coup and takes over the organization by using her dominant powers. If Reeva is so powerful why wasn’t she already the leader of the Hellfire Club? Six months later in Washington D.C., the new Inner Circle buys a large factory to use as a makeshift base/hospital, so Polaris has a place to give birth safely. The Mutant Underground works to rescue endangered mutants from the government agency Sentinel Services. Sentinel Services’ raid, in the beginning, had a few scenes that made no sense. For example, one of the mutants attempts to run off a wall right above Sentinel Services soldiers. Why run towards the danger? It’s all about the dramatic effect in the second season of The Gifted, but it’s forced and an ongoing problem with this season. Marcos (Sean Teale), the father of Polaris’s child, and Andy’s mother Caitlin (Amy Acker) try to gain information on the Inner Circle from the mutant hacker Wire; but only learn of their extensive resources and power. Reed and his daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) are ready to stop looking for Andy; Reed (Stephen Moyer) is also concerned by his inherent mutant abilities. When Polaris goes into labor, her powers cause electrical outages across the city, but the Underground is unsuccessful in trying to follow them back to her. What’s the doctor doing besides telling her she’s about to die if her blood pressure doesn’t drop? The doctor needs some lessons in bedside manner. The Frost sisters (Skyler Samuels) give Polaris a vision of the future she wants for her child, making it easier for her to give birth to Dawn. The first episode of The Gifted season two starts with immediate repercussions, making it all count; in the end, it won’t be an easy task.

“UnMoored” S02E02

The Gifted Season Two

Caitlin, Johnny, and Marcos devise a plan.

Three years ago, Evangeline Whedon (Erinn Ruth) recruited John Proudstar aka Thunderbird (Blair Redford) to lead the Atlanta base for the Mutant Underground. Presently, she refuses to take on the Inner Circle but gives John the location of a mutant called Erg (Michael Luwoye), who may know more about what the Inner Circle has planned. Caitlin and Reed continue to argue about Andy (an ongoing theme in season two) while Lauren (who consistently looks like she just stepped out of a hair salon) admits to her father she’s dealing with her trauma from killing fifteen people in Atlanta during a Sentinel Services raid. Lauren and Caitlin shed crocodile tears about every other episode. Seems like it’s a test to see if they can do it on cue.

Meanwhile, Jace Turner (Coby Well) has a crack at being a lawyer but is still obsessed with the mutants, although he tells his wife that he has moved on. Johnny is blaming himself for the groups split, which is unfortunate because he is a genuinely likable character. Andy and Lauren have been sharing dreams which interfere with his training. As Reeva and the Frost sisters kill any humans involved with Dawn’s birth, Reeva considers killing Andy for trying to contact his family in secret but instead motivates him to complete his training. Reeva is an interesting character—she’s in charge, calm, cool, and collective. A rare trait in the second season of The Gifted. Polaris’ baby daughter is diagnosed with jaundice (it just so happens her dad has “flashlight hands” to cure her).

“coMplications” S02E03

The Gifted Season Two

Grace Byers as Reeva Payge.

The third episode of The Gifted season two starts six years prior. Marcos’ dying father rejects him because he was a mutant. Present day, the Frost sisters kidnap Marcos to try to cure Dawn who is suffering from jaundice. “I’ve done everything I can,” which is nothing. The doctor is no doctor. Doctors are supposed to remain calm, while this guy appears ready to pass out. As Lauren and Reed return from a supply run, Reed’s powers are fully displayed, melting the steering wheel at his touch and causing them to crash into a parked van. Jace Turner heads to D.C., despite telling his wife he’s done with mutants, to investigate the crash site. He catches a glimpse of Reed and Lauren, realizing they are not dead like the authorities believed. The police refuse to listen because of the way he left Sentinel Services. Marcos cures his daughter, then briefly overcomes the Frosts’ telepathy to try and fight for his family, but Reeva disarms him, and she removes him from Inner Circle headquarters.

Reeva is carrying this season thus far. She is a legit threat that was lacking in season one where Sentinel Services were never a real threat; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a season two. The only danger was the split that happened at the end of season one. Johnny and Clarice (Jamie Chung) search for Erg’s group in the sewers. Clarice, funnily enough, is the most natural. She jokes and doesn’t take things too seriously, while the rest of the cast is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The Gifted is very dramatic, which isn’t wrong when used appropriately but there has to be a balance, and the balance is out. Even the quiet scenes are tear-filled snarl-fests. Erg offers information if Clarice agrees to be his spy on the surface. Marcos returns swearing revenge, as Reeva prepares for the next phase of her plans.

“outMatched” S02E04

The Gifted Season Two

Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker.

Sixteen years in the past, Caitlin refused to terminate her pregnancy of Andy even though their doctor informed her that she could die if she proceeds. In the present day, the Underground, seeking a hacker’s help again, discover that the Frost sisters murdered Wire. The Underground then kidnap his brother Graph, who refuses to help them until Caitlin exploits his addiction to Kick (a very addictive mutant drug). Graph learns that the Inner Circle is attacking an old mental hospital where Lorna was held as a teen. Lauren, Marcos (Eclipse), Johnny (Thunderbird), and Clarice go to stop them. The cinematography in The Gifted is a bright spot. It’s creative, and the documentary-style camera work helps to tell the story through tension.

When Sage (Hayley Lovitt) blocks Graph’s hacking attempt, Caitlin injects more Kick into Graph’s arm, which induces a near-fatal overdose. Johnny and Clarice confront Lorna at the mental hospital, where she uses her powers to release the patients to cover her escape. Marcos and Lauren attempt to stop the Inner Circle as they try to escape with a patient. Andy (who is doing his best Draco Malfoy cosplay) rejects his sister’s effort to save him and uses his powers to knock her down, knocking Lauren unconscious. Reed’s powers violently manifest again. On a television broadcast, the hospital staff confesses to the inhumane treatment of their patients, and the attack serves as a rallying point for mutant rights. Jace’s wife, Paula, wants to divorce him because he refuses to move on. He ultimately joins the Purifiers when he sees news of the hospital incident. A strong suit of the second season of The Gifted is its social commentary, reflecting many of the issues the United States is currently facing.

“afterMath” S02E05

The Gifted Season Two

Anjelica Bette Fellini as Rebecca aka Twist.

The fifth episode of The Gifted season two begins twelve years ago, rookie police officer Jace took issue with how his partner harassed a mutant but goes along with it (which is troubling in itself). In the present, Jace Turner suggests the Purifiers win the public over by capturing the fugitive mutants that escaped from the mental hospital, essentially making the streets safer. Turner knows his pursuit of the mutants isn’t the way he should be handling things. He knows his prejudice is misguided but does not know where else to turn. At the root, Jace Turner is a grieving father that is looking to avenge his daughter’s tragic death. And he is willing to do just about anything to do it, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, the Inner Circle prepares their new mutant Rebecca (Anjelica Bette Fellini) for her role in their plans, but she is unwilling. Andy takes her out for the day for her first taste of freedom in years, as she was the clinic’s most dangerous patient. She shows Andy her power by turning a tennis ball inside out. They then destroy a police car together, kissing (awkwardly) when they return. Is one afternoon out enough for Andy and Rebecca to warrant a makeout session? Their connection was too much, too fast. A deep friendship based on relatable experiences would’ve been much more effective and believable. Having a female fall in love with her male prince is a trope that needs to be eradicated. Erg accepts the Underground on the condition they brand an “M” into their cheeks (like a reverse Star of David). Michael Luyowe as Erg (a mutant separatist) is the gray character The Gifted desperately needs. Someone who’s not interested in the fight for what’s right. His inspiring speech, however, shoots itself in the foot, “I don’t believe in dreams. I believe in…corn flakes.” So close! Erg also encourages Clarice, who is now known as Blink, not to hide who she is like she does with the Mutant Underground.

“iMprint” S02E06

The Gifted Season Two

The Purifiers are here!

Every episode this season has started with a flashback, which is useful in laying some foundation for the characters. It becomes routine though, almost like an outline that’s strictly followed. Jace realizes the Mutant Underground has a base in Baltimore, so he sends the Purifiers to bomb a church to flush them out. The Purifiers sincerely act like they want to make their streets safer, but are they just using that as an excuse to discriminate against the mutants. They arrive at a church waving flags and bearing arms, and driving prerequisite pickup trucks with oversized tires, but claim to want to do things the right way. Turner has a tenuous handle on how they act. The Purifiers in the comics are lead by a reverend who uses scripture as the basis for his anti-mutant rhetoric. While in The Gifted, the Purifiers are fronted by a police officer and Jace Turner.

Lorna grows frustrated with Reeva not revealing her plan, so Esme shows her the bank they plan to attack, which has mutant detecting technology. Reeva is cool, but her mutant power is a lame (she lets out a high pitched scream that debilitates whoever it’s directed at). It’s like they sat around a table and decided what ability should she have and went with the first idea. Lorna seems to like Esme but grows angry and attacks her when she realizes Esme was in her baby’s mind. Esme apologizes to Lorna, revealing she and her sisters were quintuplet clones created as weapons, so what did was out of care. They killed their handlers at age 13, but the other two sisters, Celeste and Mindee were murdered. Esme swears to protect Lorna and Dawn. Lorna then decides to stay with the Inner Circle.

“No Mercy” S02E07

The Gifted Season Two

Reeva and her boyfriend Quinn.

The biggest thing going for The Gifted is the lack of corniness and cheap looking effects seen in similar programs. The dialogue isn’t great, but it could be worse. When Andy says to Rebecca, “We have to leave,” she responds by saying, “I’m being serious.” Confusing exchange. Eight years ago, Reeva wanted her local mutant community to work with humans, but her mutant friend is killed right in front of her by human racists, affecting her view on humans forever. Several of the main cast have had tragic events happen to them which swayed their beliefs one way or the other. In the present, she’s dating Quinn (Sharif Atkins), a bank employee who she genuinely likes but is using him as part of her plan. Seven episodes in and now Reeva has a boyfriend? He might as well be wearing a red Star Trek shirt.

Marcos and Johnny confront Clarice for working with Erg, which Clarice doesn’t deny explaining that “at least the Morlocks have a plan to help mutants while the Underground is a mess with no vision” (nothing has ever been more accurate). Jace reluctantly meets with controversial television reporter Benedict Ryan (Peter Gallagher), who is modeled after Fox News personality Sean Hannity. Ryan wants Jace to spotlight the lies of Sentinel Services. Jace refuses at first but is convinced after he hears about what Rebecca did to the bank employees. Reeva and Turner are very much alike in that they have a goal to accomplish; they try to achieve it peacefully, but if they have to they can be ruthless. Having them not meet would be a missed opportunity.

“The dreaM” S02E08

The Gifted Season Two

Polaris’ medallion.

In yet another flashback, Lorna is a rebellious teen living with her aunt who could never talk about her birth father, and whose only contact with Lorna was leaving her a medallion as a gift. Lorna fabricates the metal disk from her dad into the headgear seen in the comics. Rebecca decides to leave the Inner Circle while escaping the bank. Rebecca thought the goal of the Inner Circle was to build a world where mutants could use their powers anytime. Not exactly the goal, kid. It’s to create a world where mutants can exist in peace. Esme suggests taking Dawn to a mutant school in Switzerland. It’s nice to see Esme become a more complex character by having a “human” side (how ironic). Her feelings for Dawn have grown into a surrogate mother.

Lorna lets a tormented Marcos say goodbye to Dawn; but instead of sending her to Switzerland, takes her to her aunt house realizing her father did the same thing to keep her safe. Marcos tells Lorna, “You, Reeva, and your new friends set the world on fire, and now you’re worried that your daughter might get burned.” Exactly! Lorna knew she was pregnant when she left the Underground, and now she regrets it because it didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. It can’t be easy for Lorna. She is a mother who wants her baby to live in peace but is torn on how to accomplish this. Rebecca tells Johnny and Clarice the Inner Circle were looking into Regimen, the tech company. The Struckers meet Madeline (Kate Burton) who can temporarily stabilize Reed’s abilities but wants to study Lauren in hopes of creating a cure as she does for many mutants who come to her. Her assistant Noah gets control of his vibration powers and tries to convince Lauren she might have a healthy life, but Lauren is horrified that Madeline wants to cure all mutants; also Madeline’s brother Matthew founded the Purifiers.

“gaMe changer” S02E09

The Gifted Season Two

The Inner Circle.

A year before now, Rebecca’s parents turned her into Sentinel Services. What would cause a family to turn one of its own into authorities unless being a mutant is perceived as a crime? Present day, Andy disagrees with Reeva imprisoning Rebecca due to the enthusiastic use of her powers just as the humans did. He decides to free Rebecca and run, but she wants to kill the entire Inner Circle instead; Andy accidentally knocks her down killing her in the process of thwarting her attack. Clarice leaves John after his obsession with stopping the Inner Circle causes a manhunt for all mutants in the area. Members on both sides are sacrificing loved ones to keep fighting. The Mutant Underground never seems to know what they want or what their goal is. One minute they’re demanding peace, the next they are on the verge of violence all within one conversation. The analyst reveals Regimen controls every mutant prison collar in the country. Fade arrives and kills the analyst on Reeva’s orders but is captured by Johnny and Marcos. Comic books are known for mirroring the real world and what lessons society can learn from them. The fact that Turner calls for a citizen militia is precisely what shouldn’t be done but is because it is a reflection of what is happening. Jace Turner went from having some morals to drinking the Purifier juice one gallon at a time. Lauren convinces her parents to destroy Madeline’s research, while Madeline reveals Lauren’s DNA has two strains of the X-gene. Madeline and Noah stop the Struckers, but after Madeline says mutants, including her assistant Noah and Lauren, should not have been born, Noah turns on her and destroys the research so the Strucker’s can escape. Lorna and Andy destroy the Regimen servers, freeing every incarcerated mutant in the country.

“eneMy of My eneMy” S02E10

The Gifted Season Two

Polaris is magnetic.

Three years in the past, Marcos, Lorna, and Jonny agree to always be there for each other. With the current situation, this scene it’s just a little too on the nose. It’s like the writers for the second season of The Gifted said oh we need a scene with them committing to help each other in the past because now their friendship is tearing apart. The fact that it gets mentioned later in the episode makes it worse. Just say it; leave the scene out. Make the audience wonder what came before. On to the present day, Jace interrogates Johnny at a Purifier compound (the term ‘base’ is reserved for non-violent groups). The Mutant Underground reluctantly asks Lorna for the Inner Circle’s help in rescuing Johnny. Lorna and Andy find the compound and join the Underground to offer support, to the pleasure of Andy’s parents, who are happy to see him and tell him about Reed’s powers.

Jace flees before Clarice, Andy and Lauren arrive to rescue Johnny. While leaving the compound, Andy delights in torturing a member of the Purifier’s who tried to shoot Lauren. His family is appalled when he says they (humans) deserve to be wiped out. Power corrupts absolutely. Turner comments that he’s been hunting Johnny. So it’s safe to say the Purifiers consider mutants to be equal to animals. Caitlin decides they must destroy the Inner Circle to get Andy back. Clarice establishes her love for Johnny. Lauren and Andy take part in The Gifted‘s version of the Rocky IV training montage, separately, to increase their powers. About 2/3rds into the second season of The Gifted and it’s starting to wear a little thin. The writing in season two is weakening. The acting is best when the script is more casual (see any scene with Clarice).

“MeMento” S02E11

The Gifted Season Two

Lauren’s power grows.

In 1985, after his sister’s death, Andreas Von Strucker had his music box altered and leaves something behind after killing a shop owner with a flame-powered sword. The Gifted does an excellent job telling the story from the mutants (Underground and Inner Circle), and humans (The Purifiers) POV. With the Inner Circle and the Purifiers both being extremists, what about the humans who are stuck in the middle? Everyday people. If the goal was to tell the story from the POV of the humans and how they react, then tell the whole story, not just from the extremists. In the present, Reeva gathers the new recruits into the Inner Circle, but their cruel past makes Lorna realize Reeva must be stopped. Caitlin agrees to take down the Inner Circle, though Reed is upset when Lauren risks exposure to distract cops that have come to investigate a call about a mutant sighting.

Lauren later threatens the landlord (who called the police) with her powers, after finding hair samples from both original Fenris’ in the music box. The Gifted had a solid first season, but the second season is getting monotonous. Each episode recycles the same scenes. The Strucker’s struggle with avoiding capture while trying to keep their daughter safe.
Marcos and Lorna try to hold on to whatever they have. Turner continues his hunt for mutants while telling himself he’s not in a hate group. Benedict Ryan sends the Purifiers out, and they invade a youth shelter, which is said to house mutants. While Jace seems remorseful attacking a youth shelter, he decides to cover up his partner killing a mutant teen in cold blood. Marcos and Clarice seek Erg for a tip, while Lorna and Marcos reunite as a couple. Where have the Morlocks gone? They make a brief appearance in this episode but are sorely lacking in the series. Maybe because they are the only ones who acted like a voice of reason? The end of the episode sees Reeva secretly meeting with Benedict Ryan. Probably the most intriguing ending of any episode so far.

“HoMe” S02E12

The Gifted Season Two

Reed’s mutant powers manifest.

Fourteen years in the past, Clarice and her foster sister Lilly escaped their abusive adoptive father. Disregarding her own safety, Lilly went back to save the other foster children but dies from a broken neck, courtesy of her father. In the present day, Evangeline arrives and is pleased Lorna is their new spy. Evangeline and Erg both seem like interesting characters; there should have been more of them. Evangeline and Erg have a past as they both created the Underground together until a human ally betrayed them, which caused Erg to leave and form the Morlocks. The Inner Circle’s recruits are sent on a mission to take out Evangeline and the other Underground leaders. Each draft class of new mutants gets weaker and weaker, with mutant skills getting a little more ridiculous than before (one guy claps causing things to explode, but it only seems to work in conjunction with two other mutants).

Despite Lorna’s warning, Johnny and the rest arrive too late to save them. After a dispute, John punches Erg in the gut (where first punches are never thrown) just so his power can be displayed (a contrived display of effects if there ever was one). Johnny is determined to keep fighting, so Clarice tearfully leaves him to join Erg and the Morlocks. Caitlin and Lauren reach out to Caitlin’s brother Danny for any government intelligence on the Purifiers and Reeva. He’s only able to tell them the government is compromised before Lauren has to fight off Sentinel Services agents so she and Caitlin can escape. The Frost sisters discover the link between Andy and Lauren, convincing him to persuade Lauren to join their side by telling him it will save his family; actually, they intend to increase the Inner Circle’s power. Finally,  a real scene with Amy Acker and Natalie discussing past make out sessions with former boyfriends. Probably some of the most genuine scenes with Caitlin.

“teMpted” S02E13

The Gifted Season Two

Caitlin is accepted by the Morlocks.

Six years in the past, Erg was in love with a human woman, but she was caught by Sentinel Services and betrayed Evangeline and the Underground. Hurt by her actions, Erg tells her to leave and vows never to trust a human again. In the present day, a Morlock named Glow is shot on a supply run. Clarice brings Marcos and Caitlin to the sewers to save Glow’s life given the similarity of her powers to Marcos’. Erg does not trust Caitlin because she is human but accompanies her and Clarice out for medical supplies. Any scene consisting of Blink and Erg is what The Gifted could be. Jamie Chung (Blink) brings the youthful idealism, while Michael Luwoye helps ground the scene in grim realism

Probably the most touching moment in the second season of The Gifted comes when Erg, knowing he was wrong about Caitlin, marks an M on her cheek in black. Making her one of them. By far the most satisfying moment in the entire series. Well done! The only thing that could’ve made this scene better is if Caitlin just walked away, letting the subtext do the work, but no, she responds “thank you.” Come on writers! Less is more sometimes. The Frost sisters use Andy as a means to reach out to Lauren in her dreams. Reed confesses he feels the allure of their family’s lineage as well. Lauren, lacking any sleep and dealing with her connection with Andy, is feeling worn and exhausted. However, this is a lame excuse for her change in wardrobe. Where Lauren has been fashionable the entire series, she now don’s a torn hoodie, looking all dirty and stressed. This is such a departure in character for Lauren; it’s tough to believe she owns that type of clothing. Lauren agrees to return to the Underground and takes the serum to suppress her powers, cutting off her connection to Andy. Meanwhile, Lorna discovers that the Inner Circle’s recruits are targeting government buildings. Lorna sends Marcos after the rookie Max, ending with Marcos being shot before Max’s car explodes. Addition by subtraction.

“calaMity” S02E14

The Gifted Season Two

Erg and Clarice aka Blink.

Four years ago, Benedict Ryan was a failing radio talk show host, when Reeva promised to make him famous if he would agree to her deal. The circle tieing the Inner Circle, Purifiers, Benedict Ryan, and Turner has become a perverted one with one feeding the other. It seems Reeva has single-handedly created Benedict Ryan to feed hate to the masses. It’s all a business. Presently, she has him send Jace’s Purifiers to attack the Morlocks. Though the Morlocks kill a few Purifiers, Jace leads his team, laying waste to the Morlocks’ fighters. Lauren and Reed both decide not to take the serum and face their powers head on. As the police close in on the evacuated Morlocks, Caitlin, while driving an SUV, shoots her way through a police blockade to get away (again, a large unbelievable character change). The Reeva/Ryan connection is an intriguing plotline and one that is unexpected. It’s very Palpatine-esque. Creating an enemy to build your army. Reeva expects Sage to be the spy because Lorna was using Sage’s password to spy on Max. With Sage’s brain immune to their telepathy, the Frost sisters are unable to determine if she’s innocent or guilty. Budgetary restraints in mind, where is the rest of the populace? Was there not enough money in the budget for the second season of The Gifted to hire any extras? There is no one visible except the characters in the show.

“Monsters” S02E15

The Gifted Season Two

Peter Gallagher as Benedict Ryan.

Two months before, Clarice didn’t believe she deserved to be happy because of her past; John counters that everyone deserves a shot at redemption, even Lorna and Andy. Back in the present, John witnesses her fall into a portal, unsure if she survived. While Jace ponders his actions, his partner Ted finds Reed. Reed’s powers activate during a scuffle with Ted, killing him. Reed yells to John and Marcos that the Purifiers are here, nice and loud so everyone can hear. Caitlin and Lauren take cover in an empty building as Lauren’s powers return. Reeva prepares her plan; she and Andy will attack and Sentinel Services headquarters through the sewers, Lorna will take down communications, the Frost triplets will telepathically propose the thought of a mutant homeland as the solution, while the rest will destroy government buildings. Lorna tells Andy of Reeva (whose hairstyle is the real star of the show) and Benedict Ryan’s arranging the attack on the Morlocks. Andy does not believe he can return, convinced he is a monster (and knowing is half the battle). Reed, to empathize with Andy, confesses to killing Ted out of anger. This episode has its fair share of emotional impact. John is distraught over Clarice’s presumed death. Reed is coping with the killing of Ted, the first death he’s caused with his powers. Jace Turner confronts Benedict Ryan, who tells him another mutant attack is imminent. In a tearful scene, Andy and Lorna reunite with the Mutant Underground; while John hears Clarice’s voice. Upon learning Andy and Lorna defected, Reeva declares they will be killed.

“oMens” S02E16

The Gifted Season Two

Thunderbird gets ready.

Five years ago, to protect his family, Reed decided to become a mutant crimes prosecutor after the 7/15 incident (The Gifted’s version of 9/11). In the present, Reeva has Benedict Ryan, and Jace Turner send the Purifiers to attack the Mutant Underground. The Frost sisters sneak into the Rucker’s kitchen with Fade and “blue-eyed” Andy and Lauren to leave with them. Erg appears and helps Johnny, giving him the chance to have Jace at his mercy. In the ensuing fight, Jace begs Johnny to kill him so he can be with his daughter. That is what it’s all about for Jace, finally having closure on the death of his daughter.  At this point Dawn, Lorna’s baby is still with Lorna’s aunt? Dawn has not been mentioned since halfway through the season. For a mother who was so upset at having to leave her baby, Lorna doesn’t seem to make any effort to check on her or make contact. Not that she has the time but, a scene of Lorna thinking of her newborn daughter would go a long way in “humanizing” Lorna. Johnny takes on the personification of Thunderbird not only in name but in physical form by marking the area around his eyes in black paint just like his comic book counterpart. Reed goes to confront Reeva alone. She turns her ability on him, which further destabilizes his already volatile powers—as he intended. If Reeva wants mutants to live separate lives from humans, why doesn’t she become a part of the Morlocks?

In an epic move, Reed overcomes Reeva’s power with his own, sacrificing himself, and killing Reeva. Reed has gone through the most character growth since the start of season one. Starting as a District Attorney with Lorna as his prisoner, Reed has come to terms with his mutant abilities and his families legacy. Weeks later, Esme joins the group, forcing a confession out of Benedict Ryan. Lorna and Marcos reunite with Dawn (there she is!). The Strucker’s mourn Reed. Erg meets with them telling them mutants need new leadership; a new Mutant Underground (NWO). Clarice returns out of a portal-stating she must show them all something. That something will stay hidden for now as Fox canceled the series, which is more than likely due to the Fox acquisition by Disney. The second season of The Gifted ended on a high note, and it’s unfortunate the story won’t get a natural conclusion.

The Verdict on Season Two

The Gifted Season Two

The Underground regroups.

The problem with The Gifted season two is that the story repeats itself, making minuscule advancements through character development. The Underground spends 10-15 minutes deciding what to do. The Inner Circle spends another ten arguing about their plans, The Purifiers; another 5-10 minutes hating on mutants, Lauren and family, about 5-10 minutes being emotional about Andy or Reed’s powers, and then maybe 5 minutes for miscellaneous. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Comic book fans will appreciate the appearances of each of the called out groups, but spreading them out within the season or series would’ve helped. The roots should be allowed to grab first before the trunk splits into more branches. The first season got off to a fast start then handed off the baton to the second season which soon hit its peak and then the tachometer redlined.

The music, which played a significant role in The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger, isn’t very prominent in The Gifted. What little music there was appeared at the end of each episode or through the middle parts at low volume making too subtle to be noticed. The second season of The Gifted comes recommended based on the achievements of season one. Regardless of any business decisions, Disney made to cancel the Fox series; The Gifted would not have lasted past a third season strictly due to budget restraints, and a lacking script. Enjoy it for what it is, but don’t get too attached.

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