The Future of Star Wars 2019 from Phoenix Fan Fusion

by Joey Letson

The Future of Star Wars from Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

From Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 join Joey Letson from “The Animanicast” along with Jason Hunt from “The Wampa’s Lair” and Kyle Avery from “Star Wars: The Saga Continues” as they talk about the Future of Star Wars 2019!

Recently Joey Letson from the Animanicast co-hosted a few panels at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019. In this panel, the trio discuss what we can expect to see with Star Wars this year!

The Future of Star Wars 2019 from Phoenix Fan Fusion

Star Wars is set to have its biggest year since 1977! With Galaxy’s Edge, The Mandalorian, The Rise of Skywalker and much more! Joey, Jason and Kyle run through as much as they can within just an hour!


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Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly known as Phoenix Comicon) is Arizona’s largest pop culture con and has become one of the largest conventions in the South West. Phoenix Fan Fusion puts together an awesome show each year and always welcomes some fantastic celebrities and artists. To get more information go to


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Joey Letson is one of the hosts of the Animanicast, a podcast that is dedicated to revisiting each episode of the classic cartoon series “Animaniacs.” You can follow him on twitter @joeyintucson and check out episodes of “The Animanicast” by visiting

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