The Force Awakens | X-Wing X-Mas 2018 Day 8

by Michael Harris

Christmas is usually a time to get some cool Star Wars swag but seeing The Force Awakens in December of 2015, for me, truly cemented Star Wars into the holiday season.

The holidays are some of the best weeks out of the whole year and, maybe I’m a tad biased, but Star Wars and the holidays go hand in hand. Now more than ever as it seems December will be the new “release” month for the films going forward. That all started with The Force Awakens!

It’s the best way to make this magical time of year that much better and it was solidified for me back in 2015 with the release of The Force Awakens. The new trilogy was getting under way with this first release and the best part was that now I could enjoy it in the theater along with my son! Star Wars has always been something we have shared and enjoyed together pretty much since he was born. He didn’t stand a chance. But never did I imagine that we would be able to share the experience of new films together in the theater.

On the say to TFA

On the way to TFA!

That cold December 17th I picked up my son from school and we drove straight to the movie theater to hop in the line. We were third back from the front, but they weren’t letting attendees wait indoors, so it was a cold hour and a half till they started letting us in. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything no matter how frozen our feet were. It was a Christmas gift we’ll never forget.

That night me and my son witnessed the launch of a whole new era of content that we’d be enjoying together. And just like that Star Wars became inextricably tied to Christmas more than it ever had before. Starting with that year Christmas was no longer just the opportunity to get some cool Star Wars collectibles, I’ll still take those too please, but to get some actual Star Wars content.

It doesn’t get more festive than that!

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