The Disappeared – Star Wars Resistance S1E18

by Eric Onkenhout

While the First Order spread recruitment propaganda, citizens aboard the Colossus start to go missing in “The Disappeared.”

This article contains plot points from Star Wars Resistance S1 E18, “The Disappeared.”

This week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance (supervising director Justin Ridge, directed by Sergio Paez, written by Steven Melching) is titled “The Disappeared” for a good reason. In the opening sequence of “The Disappeared,” Commander Pyre tells Captain Doza that having races is a security risk. How so exactly? That’s like saying the Indianapolis 500 is a security risk. Yes, when there are significant crowds gathering, there are always chances something could happen, but even then it’s minimal. Typically in a free society, the people are told to go about their lives; don’t let the terrorists scare you into living in fear. Pyre is stressing the opposite feeling here; he wants Doza and his people to live in fear so the First Order can control them.

Meanwhile, at Aunt Z’s Tavern, BB-9E or a droid very similar is on the lookout for citizens that are speaking out against the First Order. Bumping into people and overhearing conversations, BB-9E was very much the antagonizing little brother. He ran to his older brother when trouble was about to happen. Later, as Tora looked on with her father, more First Order troop transports arrive on the Colossus. The First Order’s eventual occupation is a slow burn but very visible. It mirrors the gradual transformation of the Republic to the Empire as seen in The Clone Wars. In the episode “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”, Coruscant is slowly morphing into an Imperial capital which is evident in the architecture.

Closing In

Resistance flashes its animation chops when Pyre arrives at Doza’s office. The animation work for Pyre’s helmet is hypnotizing. Kudos to Lucasfilm Animation. From The Clone Wars to Rebels to Resistance, the animation team at Lucasfilm once again shows their versatility. However, praise needs to be passed around to CGCG for their 3D animation work as well. CGCG Inc. also worked on the Netflix television series, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, and the feature film How to Train Your Dragon.  Lucasfilm Animation and CGCG have a fluid working relationship that will hopefully continue for future projects.

Star Wars Resistance "The Disappeared"

The word gets out quick about the races getting canceled. It’s worth noting that when Pyre orders Doza to cancel any future races, ex-imperial Griff Halloran is one of the pilots to vent his frustration. As an ex-imperial, does he remember when the Empire did the same such thing to their citizens? Even Aunt Z said she’d seen these scare tactics before. So what about Doza? As ex-imperials, wouldn’t they be motivated to say something to prevent this situation from escalating? Wouldn’t they contact the Republic or at least the resistance?

Kaz and Tam continue their difference of opinion on the First Order in “The Disappeared.” Tam makes good points about making sacrifices to have increased safety, but to Kaz’s point, where does it end? Also, is Tam the only one who thinks this? She must see that her opinion is unpopular. Aunt Z is not afraid to express her view of the First Order. It’s obvious Aunt Z has been around for long enough not to care what others think of her—which is admirable in most cases, here it gets her into bombad trouble! After the exchange between Tam and the First Order stormtrooper, it’s easy to understand why Tam is so sympathetic towards them. In her mind, Tam asked for help in locating her friend Hype who has gone missing and received it.

Star Wars Resistance "The Disappeared"

Tora and Kaz agree to search for Hype’s ship knowing that if it’s still in the hanger, he’s in it deep. Once they realize the First Order is lying about Hype’s whereabouts, they soon discover that Aunt Z also has gone missing. Throughout the episode, First Order stormtroopers have been leaving behind recruitment propaganda, something that has been more prevalent lately in Star Wars, especially in Rebels and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Previously, the only place to find propaganda in Star Wars, either pro-imperial or pro-rebellion was in the old West End Gamebooks. Aunt Z’s feistiness is precisely what the resistance needs. By the end of this episode, Aunt Z is en route to Takodana with Hype presumably to visit Maz Kanata. By season two it’s possible Maz could make her Resistance debut. It may even be possible that Aunt Z is at Maz’s castle when Han, Rey, and Finn are there.

Star Wars Resistance "The Disappeared"

Yeager and Doza reveal that anyone who openly defies the First Order gets shipped off the Colossus. Yeager offers to contact the Resistance, but Kaz doesn’t think there’s time. Once again when Tora tries to learn what’s going on, but her father tells her it’s not her concern. What’s with all the adults trying to keep the kids out of it? Yeager does it to Tam almost every episode. Again it’s up to the younger characters to get the job done, while the adults stand around in a committee. In a somewhat disturbing scene, Kaz and Tora are in the process of rescuing Hype and Aunt Z. Hype punches a stormtrooper sending him overboard into the ocean. He could’ve stunned the trooper with the blaster he just stole as Tora did. Sooner or later, the First Order will discover one of theirs is missing, and there will be repercussions. Most likely sooner because by the end of the episode Commander Pyre arrests Kaz and all his companions.


As each week passes Star Wars Resistance becomes an increasingly vital part of the story. It’s more than just a placeholder for episode IX or The Mandalorian. The chemistry between the voice actors grows and is evident by how they’re feeding off each other’s emotions. The animation style is a perfect match for the story. With only three episodes left to the first season, and Kaz now arrested, it’s safe to assume he will be taken to Starkiller base as a prisoner. That’s where he will witness General Hux give his rally speech just before the destruction of Hosnian Prime. Enter The Resistance!

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