The Deucecast Movie Show #401: The DCMS Virtual Film Festival Pt 2

by Deucecast Movie Show

This will be a day long remembered when a Podcast born of friendship and and an excuse to hang out and talk recorded it’s 401st episode of movie goodness.

Finally crossing over the 400 mark, the Deucecast Movie Show rolls into Episode 401 with the second half of the Virtual Film Festival, this time with selections from RetroJoe, Remodeling Clay, Amish Novotny and the Pride of TyTy Georgia, both Ryfuns, plus the rest of Dave’s, Mikey’s, and #TwitterlessDrEarl’s picks.

Want to see a movie? Here is the full program for the DCMS Virtual Film Fest:


Friday Night

4p – HEAT (1995). The Michael Mann classic kicks off the entire film festival, with a Q&A featuring Mikey, Retro Joe, and Burgess. Selection from Mikey.

9p – THE MATRIX (1999). Incredible visuals deserving to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Selection from RetroJoe.

Saturday Night

1p – LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001). Selection from Pinky and Amish Novotny.

6p – BLADE RUNNER (1982). The showcase Saturday night film. Selection from Mikey

10p – STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE (1977). Selection from Retro Joe

Sunday Night

2p – TOY STORY (1995). Selection from Pinky

7p – MAD MAX FURY ROAD (2015). This recent masterpiece closes out the Virtual Film Fest. Selection from Dave.



Big hits, classic movies, great selections


5p – Inside Out (2015). Followed by Q&A featuring Jennifer Kaufman & Dave. (Kaufman pick)

8p – Broadcast News (1987).  #TwitterlessDrEarl pick


10a – Krull (1983). Selection from Jedi Shua

1230p – Footloose (2011). Selection from Burgess

3p – Kevin Smith double feature, featuring Clerks (1994) followed by Mallrats (1995). Selection from Mikey and Clay Shaver.

8p – Liberal Arts (2012). Selection from Dave

1030p – Tasmanian Devils (2013). Selection from Scotty Ryfun


10a – Charade (1963) – Selection from G Ryfun

1p – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1988), followed by Q&A featuring RetroJoe, Mikey, Dave, Shaz & Shua

4p – Canvas (2006), followed by Q&A featuring Scotty Ryfun



A selection of films from days gone by  


5p – The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). Selection by #TwitterlessDrEarl

7p – Foreign Correspondent (1940). Selection by G Ryfun

9p – Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – Selection by #TwitterlessDrEarl


10a – Rosemary’s Baby (1968). Selection by Burgess

1230p – Singin’ in the Rain (1952). Selection by Amish Novotny

3p – Halloween (1979), followed by Q&A featuring Pinky and Burgess

630p – Breaking Away (1979). Selection by Shaz

9p – Days of Heaven (1978). Selection by #TwitterlessDrEarl


10a – Contact (1997). Selection by RetroJoe

2p – The Godfather (1972). Selection by RetroJoe



Friday Night Only. A group of films from the TechnoRetroDads

430p – Rock & Rule (1983), followed by a Q&A with Shaz, Shua, & Scotty Ryfun

730p – Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982), followed by Q&A with Shaz, Shua, & RetroJoe

930p – Fire & Ice (1983). Selection by Shazbazzar



Saturday Only. A collection of some of the group’s favorite films

10a – Memories of Murder (2003), followed by Q&A featuring G Ryfun

1230p – My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). Selection from Jenny Kaufman

3p – Rushmore (1998). Selection from Mikey.

530p – Tower (2012), followed by a Q&A with Dave and Clay Shaver

830p – Silence (2016), followed by a Q&A with #TwitterlessDrEarl and Mikey



Sunday Only

10a – Winnebago Man (2009). Selection by Mikey

1230p – Hoop Dreams (1994), followed by a Q&A with Burgess & Clay Shaver

430p – Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011). Selection by Clay Shaver



A collection of movies, both young and old, for all movie lovers, young and old


6p – The Goonies (1985). Selection by RetroJoe

9p – Bedtime Stories (2008). Selection by Scotty Ryfun


12p – Lucas (1986). Selection by Dave

3p – Care Bear Nutcracker Suite (1988), followed by Q&A with Kaufman and Mikey

6p – Mary Poppins (1967), followed by Q&A with Kaufman, Novotny, Dave

9p – Enchanted (2008). Selection by Dave


1p – The Last Starfighter (1984). Selection by Shaz

330p – Gremlins (1984). Selection by RetroJoe

Get your tickets from TicketMaster, from StubHub, from EventBrite, and from Phil’s Pawn & Tackle on Highway 44, just past the dirt road and the Krystals.

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