The Deucecast Movie Show #372: Favorite Actors When We Were Kids

by Deucecast Movie Show

Everything was awesome when we were kids and so were some of the favorite actors that we reminiscence about this episode.

Another episode of the Movie Show is here, with Mikey and Dave bringing the noise and the funk. And the film.  The topic tonight is Actors that they loves when they were kids, and may or may not care about at all since they are all grown up.

What better guy to bring in than the pride of Tifton, Georgia, Friend of the Show Scotty Ryfun, with his own theme song!

First up, a shout out to the new Deucecast Historian, and the old school Endor DeuceTrax… then a Ryfun riffs on losing episodes of My Star Wars Story.  Then a plug for The Magic on a Dollar Podcast, hosted by d$.

Then, a brand new game called The Streak, which seems easy — just name movies from each year, starting with the present day, and going backwards.  And which Ice Age came out in 2009??

Some Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge talk, including the announcement of opening dates, details of Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run, and much more.

Then the topic at hand… a chit chat about Movie Novelization… then fave actors and actresses that, when the guys were young, they just loved.  Names like Tim Conway… David Tomlinson… Corey Haim… Charles Grodin… and many more names, including some the show has likely never even talked about…  also discussed, Dave’s take on Mary E Mastrantonio… how to use CPR propertly… recasting Cannonball Run… plus, a Meredith Salenger update!

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