TechnoRetro Dads: UnScrooged 2018

by TechnoRetro Dads

Face the holiday traffic with a smile this week with a 99-minute special that would make Ebenezer happy — UnScrooged 2018.

JediShua and shazbazzar throw a party at the TechnoRetro Arcade for friends, family, EarBuds, and SuperFriends — several of whom spent time reminiscing with the ‘Dads about Christmas movies from days gone by for UnScrooged 2018.

UnScrooged is what the Doctor would prescribe (if only he knew about it) for relief from holiday anxiety, reversing persistent frowns, rejuvenating old bones and muscles, and reviving memory centers.  This special 99-minute bonus episode is the longest UnScrooged to date, and perhaps the most potent.  You need to take a full dose today — repeat as necessary during the winter holidays this year and every year.  There is no expiration date.

A full dose of UnScrooged 2018
will likely cause some, if not all, of these side effects: 

  • rhythmic toe-tapping
  • chortling from chest and larynx
  • obsession with stuffing pockets with quarters and similarly sized coins
  • searching storage areas, attics, closets, and even online for He-Man figures and Castle Grayskull
  • compulsion to go to the nearest video arcade

If these symptoms are present in yourself or a loved one, do not panic — simply help them find favorite toys, take them to a real video arcade, and encourage them to sing on key.  Who knows?  Maybe your loved one will be featured on a talent-seeking reality show and win a million dollar contract!

SuperFriends in UnScrooged 2018

  • Steve Glosson
  • Dennis Keithly
  • Adam O’Brien
  • Scott Ryfun
  • Jay Shepard
  • Tony Soehner
  • Hunter Wahl
  • Michael Witwer

More UnScrooged 

For more health and healing for your mind and body, check out previous episodes of UnScrooged for your holiday weekend.

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UnScrooged 2018 at the TechnoRetro Arcade

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