TechnoRetro Dads: The Price is Fright

by TechnoRetro Dads

TechnoRetro Dads: The Price is Fright

October is here! And who better to usher in the spooky month than the Godfather of Spooky himself, Vincent Price!

Vincent Price became a legend in all things Halloween. We look back at some of his great roles and appearances in classic movies, TV shows, and songs. Plus, the TechnoRetro Dads Magazine Rack features the October 1980 issue of Starlog and the dwindling Sci-Fi options on TV.

In the NEWS

  • Some very cool stylized Back to the Future figures are now available online and in stores. Just in time for Christmas!
Back to the Future stylized figures

Back to the Future stylized figures

  • Artist Travis Falligant has made some very TechnoRetro Scooby Doo prints featuring classic horror movie villains.

Scooby Doo Travis Falligant

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Roving Spoonster has done it again! Great cereal news. Holiday cereals will be hitting the shelves soon. The newest this year is Elf cereal, based on the Will Ferrell Classic. Are our cereals going back to basics? General Mills is, even with their recipes straight from the 80’s. And if you’re looking for a new video game, why not check out Cereal Killaz?

Elf Cereal Cereal Killaz


TechnoRetro Dads – Vinyl Scratchback

Danny Elfman’s genius has given us a ton of classic music over the years, but one of their biggest mainstream hits was Dead Man’s Party. We look back at the history and influence of the classic whether it’s October or any other month.

Dead Man's Party

Let’s All Go to the Movies

Vincent Price has hundreds of acting credits to his name over his career. But in 1953 he began developing his trademark type of character in House of Wax. From there he starred in a variety of spooky movies, often parodying himself. Plus, he made appearances in TV shows from Love Boat to the Muppet Show. We talk about our favorites, what are yours?

House of Wax

House of Wax (1953)

The Fly

The Fly (1958)

Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)

Vincent Price Muppet Show

The Muppet Show (1977)

Toys in the Attic – Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture

Vincent Price didn’t stop at the movies. He also endorsed some creepy toys too. All you need is an apple. This would be perfect for Halloween, so get your twisted Mr. Potato Head knockoff now!

Vincent Price's Shrunken Head Kit Mort Drucker artVincent Price's Shrunken Head Kit

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