TechnoRetro Dads: The Holiday Special Strikes Back at the Mandalorian on Life Day

by TechnoRetro Dads

Exactly forty-one years to the minute after The Star Wars Holiday Special first appeared on our TV sets, the sequel to the notoriously campy program is unearthed as The Star Wars Holiday Special Strikes Back!

The Specialist Chris Luby joins shazbazzar and JediShua to discuss the premiere of The Mandalorian after celebrating the 41st Life Day with news, cereal, music, jokes, and indistinct chatter.

Perhaps you remember seeing Chewbacca’s family on your TV that fateful night in November of 1978, but it’s highly unlikely that you knew about the sequel to The Star Wars Holiday Special before today.  We have rediscovered the promo for The Star Wars Holiday Special Strikes Back and think we know why the program was shelved before its release.  Tune in for a bonus-sized, early release of TechnoRetro Dads on the 41st anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

In the NEWS

Hey, hey, the Monkees (well, half of the Monkees) are going on tour again this April.  

We Love Our Cereal…

…and Twinkies, too!  Beware of speeding to the store to find Post Hostess Twinkies cereal, though.  The police are watching for people who eat cereal and drive — they may be impaired.

TechnoRetro Toy Catalogue 

The brackets begin this week as we scour the pages of our old toy catalogues for the action figures we want most for Christmas this year.  Be sure to watch our social media pages every day this week to vote for the toys you want Santa to put under your tree this year — or last year — or in 1984…

The Star Wars Holiday Special (Strikes Back)

On November 17, 1978 at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, lucky kids across the nation were treated to two hours of indistinct chatter (and growls) from Wookiees, threats from Imperials, music, magic, and mania that was The Star Wars Holiday Special.  And for the past six years, shazbazzar and JediShua have been celebrating Life Day this time every year in honor of the television special we thought we would never see again.  But this year we have rediscovered the nearly unknown sequel, The Star Wars Holiday Special Strikes Back.  Thankfully, we have the promo for the unaired special on cassette tape, so strap in for excitement and entertainment from a galaxy far, far away with Yoda and the Wookiees as we play the tape for you this week!

The Mandalorian

Chris Luby, cohost of The Geek State Podcast, joins the ‘Dads for an extended discussion of the first chapter of The Mandalorian and speculation about future chapters and seasons of this instant hit series on Disney+.


The Star Wars Holiday Special Strikes Back

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