TechnoRetro Dads: TechnoRetro-Ho-Ho! Santa Claus the Movie!

by TechnoRetro Dads

TechnoRetro Dads: TechnoRetro-Ho-Ho! Santa Claus the Movie!

Santa Claus has been around for a long time, but in 1985 we got to see him in his very own movie! Dudley Moore and John Lithgow star in Santa Claus the Movie. Plus, the Earbud Toy Catalog Champion has been chosen!

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Santa Claus? We get to find out in Santa Claus the Movie and also learn why commercialism is an evil, greasy mistress. Plus, Christmas memories, arcade toys, and the Champion of the Earbud Toy Catalog.

TechnoRetro News

  • We say goodbye to another Star Wars legend. Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, passed away at age 75. We honor his memory and his kindness.

Jeremy Bulloch

  • Chris Pine plays Dungeons & Dragons?! Well, he’ll be playing someone in the new D&D movie

Chris Pine Dungeons and Dragons

Let’s All Go to the Movies

Did you see Santa Claus the Movie in theaters? Or did you decide to see Rocky IV instead? David Huddleston gets to present his interpretation of the man in the red suit, but still gets third billing after Dudley Moore and John LIthgow. Either way, Jay and Josh look back on a legendary movie made by the same people who brought us Superman in 1978.

Santa Claus the Movie Santa Claus the Movie Poster

Toys in the Attic

We remember arcade games we received for Christmas when we were growing up. From LED sports to Pac Man watches, we explain why we had so much fun with toys that were so Low-Def. And the Earbuds join in too.

Alien Attack Mattel Football Super Mario 64 Pac Man watch

Christmas Memories

The memories of Christmastime helped to shape who we have become in our lives. And with this year’s holidays being so different than ever, it’s a great time to build special, new memories with your family. We reminisce about the before time, the long, long ago with Christmastime of the past. And Shua shares the great gift that was given to him by Jay. Check it out here:

Santa and Jay

Jovial Jay has been a good boy this year!

Santa and Shua

JediShua (on the right) is asking for Santa something, but judging by that eye-roll he’s not getting it

Christmas in the 80s

Christmas in the 80’s was totally rad!

OASIS sign by Jovial Jay

Jay handmade this OASIS sign for Shua. An amazing addition to the room!

Earbud Toy Catalog 2020

The final results are in! The final four found UNO vs Lego and GI Joe vs Big Wheel. Who took the Championship this year?

TechnoRetro Dads Earbud Toy Catalog

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