TechnoRetro Dads: Star Wars Aftershocks featuring The Black Hole

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As Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concludes the Skywalker Saga after 42 years, aftershocks of Star Wars were felt just over 40 years ago as Disney released The Black Hole.

SuperFriend and Cereal Connoisseur Sheldon Norton joins shazbazzar and JediShua for Star Wars Aftershocks featuring Disney’s 1979 movie The Black Hole.

As the smoke clears from shazbazzar’s ongoing battle with the chipmunks, Sheldon Norton and JediShua help clear shazbazzar’s vision by providing insights into some aftershocks of Star Wars that could have catapulted Disney into the modern age of science fiction with the last movie made “the old-fashioned way”.  It’s perfect 20/20 vision in the first episode of 2020 this Monday morning!


  • Jack Sheldon of SchoolHouse Rock fame dies at 88.
  • Caroll Spinney from Sesame Street dies at 85.

We Love Our Cereal…

…and dad jokes on cereal containers’ labels that our Roving Spoonster discovered over the holidays.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Sheldon, Shua, and shaz recount their experiences watching The Rise of Skywalker for the first (second and third) time before studying some Star Wars Aftershocks from 1979.

The Black Hole

After the blockbuster success of Star Wars, filmmakers rushed headlong into the cinematic “space race” in hopes of capitalizing on the success of George Lucas’s zeitgeist.  Even Disney was not immune to the attraction of the stars above, embarking on a quest the Mouse had never before undertaken.  That’s how Disney found themselves pulled into the inescapable gravity of a huge budget and PG rating of The Black Hole.  In a quest to discover answers, Disney tells the story of how German scientist Hans Reinhardt maintains his ship, the Cygnus, next to a black hole, planning to plunge the ship into and through the dark monstrosity in his quest for knowledge: specifically, what caused the cause that created the known universe.  

EarBuds’ Toy Catalog

The results of the “toys for all” bracket of 2019’s toy catalog are in.  SPOILER ALERT: It’s Nerf or nothing!

The Black Hole with Sheldon Norton

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