TechnoRetro Dads: Read-Along Books of Our Childhood

by TechnoRetro Dads

If you’re needing something to settle the kids for the long drive to Chicago this week, why not try some read-along books?

The EarBuds have responded with memories and thoughts about read-along books — even if they never had any!  Tune in as shazbazzar and JediShua remember what made these first “books on tape” (or record, even) so much fun.

It’s Monday, but Thursday’s coming as Star Wars Celebration Chicago is just a few days away.  So pack your bags, double-check your reservations, raid your bank account, and then plug in your ear buds and let the TechnoRetro Dads take the edge of with fun memories of the past and happy hopes for the future packed into 77 minutes of audio.  Yep.  That means we would fit on a cassette tape or compact disc.  But don’t speak too loudly about tape recorders; Shua still feels the impact of what his dad did to his first tape player.

In the NEWS:

  • a musical rendition of The Princess Bride
  • streaming Farscape
  • Mark Hamill’s other current and upcoming projects
  • Vinyl Scratchbacks of TechnoRetro Tunes
  • Masters of the Universe set to start shooting
  • Dungeons & Dragons Art &Arcana nominated for a Hugo award
  • Indy-Cast produces a real radio drama 

We Love Our Cereal…

…and thanks to our Roving Spoonster (Shane in GR), we’ve found others who love cereal (and arcade games) just as much!  Discover peanut butter and chocolate Easter bunnies in Reese’s Puffs in stores near you.  Stare with amazement at Toucan Sam’s replacement on some boxes of Froot Loops cereal (she has a tail).  Best of all, if you’re anywhere near Wichita Falls, Texas, you’re going to want to check out Maniac’s Mansion, a truly TechnoRetro cereal cafe/video arcade that is one man’s realization of a childhood dream.  So cool!

Lazy Book Club: Read-Along Books

After the feedback from last week’s “read-along book” special, shazbazzar and JediShua take time to recall the magic of read-along books and their history.  Sometimes, they were on record.  Sometimes, they were on tape.  They’ve even made it to compact disc!  The magic is the same every time, though.  Linking technology to the written word on a page has been a winner for generations.

Even some EarBuds get in on the conversation online with some of their memories as well as future endeavors in acquiring some classic read-along books.  

Star Wars Scrapbook

Beginning in April 1976, the ‘Dads travel through the years for a history lesson in notable moments of Star Wars history.

Read-Along Books


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