TechnoRetro Dads: Star Wars Celebration Chicago Recap

by TechnoRetro Dads

SuperFriends JediKermmit, Chase, and the Cereal Connoisseur join shazbazzar and JediShua for just a bit more Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago is over, but the chatter it generated will continue for months.  Sit around the table with Sheldon, Shua, shaz, Chase, and Jeremiah as we compare our thoughts about the coldest Celebration to date.

Last Monday, Star Wars Celebration Chicago was still in swing.  This Monday, we just can’t let go of a good thing.  And if you have thoughts to share about all the Star Wars news (or anything else you’re looking forward to), give us a call on our voicemail at (209) 878-7323.

Star Wars Scrapbook

Star Wars Celebration Chicago is the newest addition to our scrapbook with pins, buttons, swag, pics, and lots of experiences that have generated lots of speculation…  

  • The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer
  • Galaxy’s Edge 
  • The Mandalorian
  • The Clone Wars Saved

TechnoRetro Arcade

Star Wars Celebration Chicago revealed first looks (and even opportunities to play) upcoming additions to the TechnoRetro Arcade with Jedi Fallen Order (think of the Jedi Purge with Inquisitors and a Jedi-in-hiding reminiscent of Canaan Jarrus in John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn) and Vader Immortal (a tether-less VR experience where the player is a smuggler conscripted into the service of the Dark Lord of the Sith).  

Toys in the Attic

From Hasbro’s Retro figures to new 6″ Black Series figures (Hondo Ohnaka as he appears at Galaxy’s Edge) to a playset from Jabba’s Palace, Star Wars Celebration Chicago revealed some exciting toys we would like to add to our collections.


Star Wars Celebration Chicago

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