TechnoRetro Dads: Grinch Night and Star Wars costumes with SuperFriend Din of F-105

by TechnoRetro Dads

He’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch — and he proves it when the sweet-sour wind blows in Whoville in a 1977 prequel special that will surprise you.

Din from F-105 joins shazbazzar and JediShua for some chatter about Star Wars costumes — specifically the Ben Cooper costumes of October 1977 that left thousands wanting more when supply didn’t match up with demand.  And Rebel Girl.

Grinch Night and Star Wars Hallowe’en Costumes


Before the Grinch stole Christmas, he was averted from completing his plans to scare Whovillians on Halloween in a prequel from 1977 that neither of the ‘Dads remember seeing.  With ghoulish jokes, great feedback, and Din’s first appearance on TechnoRetro Dads with F-105’s single “Rebel Girl”, this episode will make your Monday morning more than bearable, it’s gonna put a smile on your face and a spring in your step this fall.

Din of F-105 sings Rebel Girl

In the NEWS…

Oxford (University, not the Kindergarten in Oxford, Mississippi pretending to be a University) physicists discover that we, according to their scientific acumen, are not living on the GRID.  However, since the science on the GRID would necessarily be limited to the scope of the computer, their findings are above suspicion.  Thanks to T-Bird for this bit of science news that doesn’t prove we aren’t living in the world of TRON.  The X-Files take the jump into children’s books with The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird.  Epcot turns 35.

We Love Our Cereal

Star Wars premiums return to General Mills cereals with color changing spoons as a promotional for The Last Jedi.  Thanks to Justin LaSalata and JediNews for the heads-up! Post is suing General Mills over bagged cereal displays.  Michael Nipp reminds us of green milk as Halloween Crunch returns to shelves this month.

Aftershocks of 1977

Who did you want to be forty years ago this Hallowe’en?  Luke Skywalker?  Darth Vader?  If you were one of the lucky ones, you found one of the first Ben Cooper costumes back in October 1977.  This initial run was short on supply and big on demand, which led to some fantastic fan creations.

TechnoRetro Arcade

Continuing the ongoing theme of October, JediShua suggests a Hallowe’en Room for the TechnoRetro Arcade with Sega’s Altered Beast.  Become a lycanthropic hero in ancient Greece to rescue Athena, the daughter of Zeus, by fighting zombies and monsters.  Just the thing for a game this time of year.

Halloween Is Grinch Night

Back in October 1977, the green-furred Grinch returned for a prequel as he sought to torment the Whos of Whoville when the sweet-sour wind started howling in Halloween is Grinch Night.  A slow-burn for a thirty-minute cartoon special, this very, very seventies animated Seussational trip through wacky weirdness goes on a psychedelic trip the likes of which only a honey-drunken Pooh Bear can relate to.  (Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition.)


JediMasterJBell tweets a picture of a Fruity Pebbles treat bar from Buccees (and we’re baffled).  Shane in Grand Rapids shares the newest cereal spice with a pic of Life Gingerbread Spice.  Steve shares his military school memories of cereal breakfasts that we will never forget.  “Shrapnel grenade!”

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