TechnoRetro Dads: Adam West, Wonder Woman, and White Water Rafting

by TechnoRetro Dads

With Wonder Woman, White Water, and West (Adam West), this wild and wacky episode of TechnoRetro Dads is brought to you by the letter “W”.

JediShua and shazbazzar remember Adam West as their Batman, discuss their experiences white water rafting at Camp TechnoRetro, discover which Network Stars will be Battling later this month, and review the new Wonder Woman.

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Adam West, Wonder Woman, and White Water Rafting

Emerging from the annual tribute to fathers sometimes known as TechnoRetro Dads Day (honestly, it’s a day honoring all fathers, whether they’re #TechnoRetro or not — we just like the sound of it), shazbazzar and JediShua wind up their chargers for a wacky and wild trip through time as they remember “The Bright Knight” in Adam West’s portrayal of Batman in the late ‘60s, take a peek at the new version of Wonder Woman, and wander through their memories (both recent and ancient) of a summer camp favorite: white water rafting.

Wonder Woman, Adam West, White Water rafting

In the NEWS…

Tweet-TBird provides additional information about Battle for the Network Stars and some strangely familiar stars ensure this will be a truly #TechnoRetro contest.  Check it out here!


We Love Our Cereal

JediShua embarks on the Oops! All Berries challenge in response to Steve’s tweet about this cereal actually being more of a mixer than a cereal in its own right.  See the videos on our Facebook page.

Batman 1966 and more…

We best remember Adam West when he played Batman in the 1960s TV show with Burt Ward.  The straight-laced detective in a bat costume was impeccably portrayed by West in a manner that convinced kids he was serious and entertains adults (who may have seen this show as kids) with his amazing ability to say every line and play every look with a somber comedy that defies every force of nature.  And that’s why we still love Batman and Adam West.

Wonder Woman

Whether you’re a fan of Lynda Carter’s portrayal of the heroine from 1941 or not, you’ll likely enjoy Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman — unanimously agreed among the ‘Dads as the best DC film in the current set of movies.  Combine Thor’s mythos and Captain America’s origin story to make a DC movie that nearly rivals Marvel’s incredible success in recent years.  Dads and daughters agree that this movie isn’t a waste of time and money.  Bring your bucket of popcorn — it’s fun!

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