Talking Apes TV: River of Flames

by Talking Apes TV

Dive into the Planet of the Apes animated TV show with this retro-podcast! This time, Richard and Mark cover the episode “River of Flames.”

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Hey Hey Ape fans! This week on Talking Apes TV, Richard makes a connection between Planet of the Apes and another one of his passions, The Monkees (how ironic!). Then, we dive deep into “River of Flames” (aired 10/18/1975). This is the 7th episode and now the half way point in this series of only 13 episodes–one less than the live action series.

River of Flames, Planet of the Apes


“River of Flames” Synopsis

Krador, the Underdweller, enlists the help of Bill and Jeff to help their world from being destroyed by the suddenly-active volcano. They suspect a trap, however if it is true than Judy will be in danger. Meanwhile Galen and Zira are battling over government funds with Zauis so they don’t go to Urko and his human-hunting agenda..

Ape History class begins as we go back in time to visit the Adventures on the Planet of the Apes comic book and Planet of the Apes magazine. You have to give Fox credit for trying so hard to relaunch their ape franchise again and again. Sadly this was also a short lived series that ended after 11 issues in December of 1976.
This comic series features colorized reprints of the official movie adaptation of POTA and Beneath the POTA which had been originally printed in Marvel’s POTA Magazine (which ran for 29 issues from 1974-1977 – FEB).

Did Mark like this episode? Did Richard like this episode? Which one gave it 29 strikes against it? How many times did they fight during their discussion? Listen and find out.

We’re sure you’ll have an Urkotastic time listening. Now go Ape! 

About Talking Apes TV

This is the podcast that explores the unsung Planet Of The Apes live-action television series and animated series from the early 1970s, and why they still stands up after 40 years. Talking Apes TV is brought to you by your Skywalking Through Neverland friends, Richard Woloski and Mark Oguschewitz, lifelong PotA fans with a wealth of knowledge about the franchise that will amaze. Every episode of Talking Apes TV will delve into one episode of a Planet of the Apes television series, with plenty of quotes, audio and social commentary pulled from each show. Expect funny pop culture references, in-depth analysis and social commentary pulled from each show.

We hope you enjoy checking out these niche 70s sci-fi shows and follow along with Talking Apes TV–only on the RetroZap Podcast Network! 

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