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by Talking Apes TV

Hey Hey Ape Fans! Welcome back to Talking Apes TV! Journey with us on a “Mission of Mercy.”

Hey Hey Ape Fans! We are back with an all-new show where we look at the episode from Return to the Planet Of The Apes, Mission of Mercy. This was the 11th episode in the series and originally aired November 15, 1975. 

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Richard and Mark almost make it to the end of the episode without breaking into an argument, then came the great puddle debate. Weigh in for yourself then GO APE….

Mission of Mercy – Show Synopsis

As a result of the dog fight with the flying dragon creature in the episode Screaming Wings, most of the plane’s fuel is gone. Bill, Jeff and Judy must replenish the fuel somehow since it is their only way to keep watch over the mountain pass to New Valley. Using an abandoned gorilla truck, Bill and Jeff leave to find more fuel.

Meanwhile, Urko orders his troops to find some way of getting into New Valley to capture the humans. Shortly after Bill and Jeff have left, Nova becomes very ill. Thanks to Ron’s 21st century medical training he diagnoses the symptoms as a very contagious lung disease that I can’t pronounce, which is fatal after seventy-two hours. Now Judy has to race to find Cornelious and Zira who just may have the serum…


But that’s not all! We have a new contest where we will be giving away a copy of the new Planet of the Apes: Tales From the Forbidden Zone courtesy of Titan Books. On our last episode we spoke with co-authors and editors Rich Handley and Jim Beard as well as author John Jackson Miller to get you excited about this new book set in the classic Apes era. We also give our spoiler-free review of the book, and point out a favorite passage. Without giving anything away it does have to do with a top-heavy head garment worn by Urko. We tend to think that was a wink and a nod to Talking Apes TV, but we could be wrong.

To Enter Contest

Go to ApesTV and see the post pinned to the top of the page. All you have to do is comment about what classic Apes character you are most excited to read about. You can’t just like the post you have to comment. Contest ends midnight PST March 1, 2017.

Listen, enjoy and, GO APE!

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