Star Wars politics

In the main segment Stephen Kent is joined by Matthew Neugebauer to analyze Star Wars fandom and its troubles over the decades by understanding the Protestant Reformation and the concept of a ‘legitimation crisis’. Basically, in social science, what does it take to unravel social order and how can that be applied to the life of Star Wars fans.

Welcome back Banthas! The Beltway Banthas podcast has returned with regular shows now through 2020. Starting off this new season of Star Wars & politics chatter, Stephen Kent is joined by guest host Nick DiColandrea for a dive into the political conscience of Padme Amidala. In Revenge of the Sith, she opens up to Anakin about her uncertainty with the Republic’s democratic virtue. What got Padme to the point of questioning her entire political position and that of the “democracy” she has served?

On this week’s episode, we welcome Jon Lovett, one of the co-hosts of Pod Save America and host of Lovett or Leave It. Lovett explains to us how he got into Star Wars with the Special Editions, why he loves Rogue One and what motivates his political activism. Jon also offers his thoughts on a potential Star Wars political drama, that Hagerman dude who went off the grid to avoid Trump and Saw Gerrera. 

Swara and guest host Heath Williams of Rogue Podron discuss parallels between US presidents throughout American history and the various chief executives of Star Wars. From Chancellors Vallorum to Villecham, we trace the trends of executive leadership and how they compare to various occupants of the White House.

In our latest episode delving into the politics of The Last Jedi, we are joined by Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican to discuss populism in the film! Do we use this term correctly? Are we actually seeing what is traditionally known as “populism” in the film? What does it really mean for common people to rise to power? We tackle all these questions and more!

Hello Banthas! This week we are excited to be joined by renowned science-fiction and fantasy author Ken Liu.  His short stories have appeared in F&SF, Asimov’s, Analog, Lightspeed, Clarkesworld and he recently debuted in Star Wars canon helming The Legends of Luke Skywalker. Ken joined our producer John Liang for a call where they discuss his background, Asian themes in Star Wars and the experience of adding to the new universe.

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