Synara’s Score – Star Wars Resistance S01E08 Review

by Michael Harris

In “Synara’s Score,” Kaz and Tam, with some help from the Colossus’ newest resident, Synara San, desperately try to get the platforms defenses back online while fending off a massive pirate attack!

Jarek Yeager has Team Fireball performing some critical work at the opening of “Synara’s Score” repairing damage to the stations turbolaser canons that are currently offline. Speaking with Yeager, Doza imparts that it is vital to have the cannons up and running within the next three hours. The increase in pirate raids combined with Ace Squadron currently away and tasked with an important shipment detail has Captain Doza on edge.

The search for a military-grade component leads Tam and Kaz to Synara San, whom Kaz rescued in the previous episode,00 “Signal from Sector Six,” who has found work scavenging wreckage below the surface of the sea. Now knowing that Colossus Station is practically defenseless she contacts her boss, Kragan Gorr, to plan an attack on the Colossus—an attack that places her in imminent danger, as well as the rest of the populace.


“Synara’s Score” kicks the action into high-gear with a full-scale raid on the platform in a much more direct way from the pirates’ previous attack in “The Triple Dark“. Synara, who arrived on the Colossus in the previous episode, has been biding her time taking on work until she found the opportune moment to call in an attempt to overpower the station. No longer needing to keep their distance from the turbolasers, Kragan and gang get up close and personal, swooping in with ships and speeder bikes.

Synara's Score

The pirates are fierce and their look is even fiercer, sporting a hodge-podge of armor picked up from their many confrontations and scavenging missions. Gorr is intimidating with his mutilated facial tendrils and cybernetic left arm. A bulky Quarren, he’s protected by his modded-out old Imperial armor while commanding his forces from his heavily modified Lambda-class shuttle. He’s not afraid to get his hands, or hand, dirty however leading from the shadows and pays a visit to the platform personally and even squares of with Yeager himself. It’s the first real action that Yeager sees on Star Wars Resistance and hopefully not the last. He can hold his own with the best of them.

Other pirates spotted include several also sporting repurposed Imperial-era armor, including both Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper garb, wreaking havoc all over the Colossus. Pillaging, looting and causing widespread chaos as pirates are wont to do. A Hassk, a species first seen and made popular in 2015’s The Force Awakens, can be seen with Kragan on his personal speeder and running through the marketplace along with other Nikto’s and Trandoshan’s.

The entire raid takes place in the span of only maybe ten minutes but it is, to borrow a phrase from ‘ol George himself, fast and intense shows what this series is capable of.


Blending in as a scavenger on the Colossus has benefits that Synara has been able to take advantage of in her short time there. She’s first in line for equipment dredged up from the ocean and her “connection” with Kazuda has made her aware of some information that both Doza and Yeager do not want public. Mainly, that the platform is defenseless with the cannons down and Ace temporarily away. Having already earned Kaz’s trust Synara takes advantage of Tam treating her to a meal in exchange for a tracking chip to earn hers as well.

Synara's Score

Perhaps unintentionally, the two bond over a similar story of growing up – and living system to system – but it’s too early to tell how honest Synara is being right now. Some more of Tam’s past is revealed and viewers learn just how she came to be a mechanic working on Castilon. Following in the footsteps of her father, Tam was racing her way up to the top of the circuit until she lost a race and her ship, forcing her to seek work with Jarek Yeager.

Yet their might have been some ground gained here in “Synara’s Score” – chipping away at her rough exterior that may have an impact later.

Even though she immediately contacted Kragan after their conversation to begin preparation for an attack, a moment later in the episode sees that Tam may have gotten through to her. At least somewhat. Tam rushes towards the docks thinking that Synara is in danger but instead comes under attack by a Haask pirate. Synara manages to take him out possibly just to maintain her cover but it could be something more. Learning that Tam came and risked her life to save Synara takes her off-guard and she’s unable to comprehend why she would go to the trouble until Tam tells her that that’s what friends are for. Little is known about Synara’s past or how she came to be in Kragan’s gang but it’s easy to imagine that it may have been out of desperation or perhaps she was conscripted at a young age. Not knowing any other life other than that of a typical “scoundrel” she may be seeing that their is more out there than a pirate’s life.

The Aftermath

Colossus Station is saved by the determination of Team Fireball and, after they were brought back up at the last minute, the impressive turbolaser defense system. But how much longer can Doza defend the Station without the assistance of the First Order before it inevitably falls? Also in a revelation for Kaz, but not for Yeager who suspected as much all along, it’s now apparent that he’s not the only spy on the platform.

It’s an unknown risk and one that Captain Doza is showing signs of avoiding entirely. The episode closes with him contacting Commander Pyre and asking to review their offer of protection. Pyre is pleased to hear this and tells Doza that he’ll be arriving in person to oversee negotiations. Doza still seems reluctant, doing so out of desperation more likely, but has his back against the wall and wants to protect the citizens beneath him. The conversation between Synara and Tam is an important piece to “Synara’s Score”. It’s both a refreshing look into Tam’s past but also, and hopefully, the bridge that will guide Synara into the fold.

Synara's Score

“Synara’s Score” has something for everyone all meshed together to deliver a powerful and fun episode. The action is interspersed in good measure with meaningfully quiet character moments that encapsulate everything Star Wars Resistance has been doing so well thus far. Not quite halfway through its 22 episode first season, it can only get better from here.

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