Superhero Suite #009: Countdown to Chaos!

by Superhero Suite

How should comic books be numbered, and why does it matter? Plus news and updates on The Superhero Suite

“Countdown to Chaos!” Comic books have been around for a very long time. But keeping track of when each issue came out and in what order they should be sequenced can prove to be more daunting than a multiversal crisis.

We look at the reasoning and argument behind different methods and ponder if there even is a solution. Plus, the latest news on when we may see upcoming projects and what’s cancelled for good. Jay and Josh release the fourth incarnation of themselves but still consider themselves part of the original run on some universes where the timeline hasn’t been disrupted on this episode of The Superhero Suite.

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Superhero Suite
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Slip on your mask, let that cape flow in the wind, and polish up your power ring! It’s time for The Superhero Suite! Jay and Josh take to the airwaves to revel in the superhero genre as they explore the many multiverses of movies, tv, and comics with discussion, speculation, and commentary. Powered with the love of comics, heaps of humor, and years of experience, Jay and Josh will be sure to save the day when maniacal villains threaten world domination. Be a part of The Superhero Suite, where everyone’s a hero!

Superhero suite is the flagship show in Jay and Josh’s “Superhero Suite” of podcasts, all featured on RetroZap! If you’ve liked this episode, be sure to check out the duo’s other shows, including Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast, Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast, Agents of SHIELD: Case Files, and Terrigen Dreams: An Inhumans Podcast. While each show has its own distinctive flair, you can expect the same spot-on analysis, humor and polished production that this podcasting team has been known for year after year, show after show.

Superhero Suite #009: Countdown to Chaos!

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