“Station to Station” Star Wars Resistance S02E11

by Eric Onkenhout

Tam and Rucklin go on a supply run to a First Order fuel depot, while Kaz and Neeku embark on a covert mission in, Station to Station.

This article contains plot points from Star Wars Resistance Station to Station.

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station continues the string of stronger episodes heading into the premiere of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. After last week’s run-in with the Guavian Death Gang, Kaz and Neeku find themselves aboard a First Order fuel depot trying to steal a valuable component that is vital to keep the Colossus safe. Although Station to Station had some missteps, which will be discussed, overall, this was a solid chapter that added to the saga of Tam’s struggle to find her place in her story of friendship.

Lt. Galec returns in Station to Station in which she assigns Tam to go on a supply run to a First Order refueling station called the Titan with Jace Rucklin flying escort. What’s interesting is that the Titan is a very similar ship to the Colossus, and as their names suggest—Colossus vs. Titan was possibly built around the same time. Usually, when ships of the same class are built (whether they’re cruise ships or military), they are commissioned with similar names, so these two were likely constructed at nearly the same time at the same shipyard. Both the Titan and the Colossus are considered space station-class supertanker fuel depots. Elements from the Skystrike Academy base from Star Wars Rebels can also be seen in the Titan.

Remember the Titan

Jace Rucklin. White privilege much? He feels he shouldn’t be pulling cables because he’s a pilot. In contrast to that, Tam quietly goes about her job and excepts that pulling cables is part of the job. Tam literally tells Rucklin to “stop complaining.” Tam is a model pilot and enjoys the structure the First Order offers, however, it’s obvious she isn’t a fan of how she’s treated. Lt. Galek implies that because they came from a refueling station, Tam and Rucklin wouldn’t have an issue with their current mission. Implications being that working on a refueling station is menial labor, and they should be thankful the First Order took them in.

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station

When Tam and Rucklin arrive on the Titan, Tam immediately says it’s just like home because of its familiar floorplan layout to the Colossus where Tam’s heart still lies. While she and Rucklin were completing maintenance tasks on their TIE’s, Tam admits that doing similar type work in Yeager’s garage was much more fun. Despite her fallout with Kaz and Yeager, her heart remains with her friends. Rucklin, being the arrogant, eager to please wanna be First Order pilot, didn’t call her out for calling the Colossus home, which is surprising.

Familiar Faces

While walking through the Titan, Tam notices a technician walk by who clumsily bumps into a First Order astromech. Only one person is that clumsy besides Jar Jar Binks, and that’s Kazuda Xiono. Tam tries to get the technician’s attention, but he quickly walks away. It shows focus to finish the job on Kaz’s part not to react to Tam, especially knowing how much he felt to blame for Tam leaving the Colossus and wanting to make it right. Not only is Tam aboard the Titan, but Kaz also runs into Commander Pyre and General Hux, the person who ordered the destruction of his home planet—Hosnian Prime. Kaz even at one point turned to face Hux in a turbolift, but couldn’t bring himself to express his anger. Probably for the better.

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station

An unspecified amount of time has passed since Kaz’s Curse, considering the amount of time and effort it would’ve taken to locate a First Order fuel depot in the first place. Also, this begs the question of how did Kaz and Neeku sneak aboard the Titan without being detected? Having a two-parter showing this would’ve been more satisfying, because of all the added strategy that goes into planning a covert operation such as this.

Tam’s Change of Heart

Commander Pyre is clearly lying to General Hux when he says the resistance spies took an insignificant item. This is evident when Kaz tries to reason with Rucklin and tells Jace that the Colossus is old and needs the trans-binary deflector to prevent danger from cosmic radiation. Jace, however, isn’t buying Kaz’s story and reports him to First Order security, turns, and locks him in the room. Shortly afterward, Tam sees Kaz on a monitor and unlocks the door letting Kaz escape. Tam says, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” It’s not that unbelievable, Tam. Tam is getting homesick and would entertain the possibility of returning to the Colossus even if she wouldn’t admit it.

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station

Station to Station ends with Kaz and Neeku escaping aboard a ship with Commander Pyre and a group of stormtroopers in pursuit. Pyre orders, “Don’t let them escape!” while standing within the group of troopers firing alongside them. Okay, Pyre, what exactly are you doing to prevent them from escaping that your soldiers aren’t? And since when is firing a blaster at a ship been effective? Never. Hux lays into Pyre for letting the resistance spies escape, and orders the Colossus found and destroyed. Agent Tierney also makes a cameo via hologram and declares Tam will help the First Order destroy the Colossus. Tam will not willingly aid in the Colossus’ destruction, Tierney most likely has something devious up her sleeve to make this happen.

Star Wars Resistance Station to Station

The Colossus is becoming desperate. And while Rucklin thinks that’s a joke, Tam is having different thoughts. On the surface, Tam wants to aid the Colossus, which makes sense as she’s served aboard her for several years under Yeager’s employ. Tam has an attachment to the base itself. Deeper still, Tam is desperate to leave the cold environment of the First Order, and return to the friendly confines of the Colossus. Tam realizes that friendship is more important than she thought, which, along with family, is being emphasized a lot lately by Lucasfilm nearing the end of the Skywalker saga.


The halfway point of the final season has passed, and things are starting to heat up within the resistance. With a title like Star Wars Resistance, the resistance hasn’t had much of a presence in the series. Since the resistance is whittled down to a few dozen members by the time of The Last Jedi, it’s not surprising. However, things are about to change as the resistance scours the galaxy to recruit supporters, new and old.

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