Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1 Review

by Dennis Keithly

Something happened on the way to Jabba’s palace. Princess Leia demonstrates her cunning and determination in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1.

Warning: This article contains plot points for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1.

Princess Leia #1 Cover

Princess Leia #1

Story: Greg Pak | Art: Chris Sprouse, Will Sliney, Marc Deering and Karl Story | Color: Tamra Bonvillain | Lettering: VC’s Travis Lanham | Cover Artists: Terry and Rachel Dodson | Production Designer: Anthony Gambino | Assistant Editor: Tom Groneman | Editor: Mark Paniccia

Star Wars: Age of Republic – Princess Leia #1 bears the subtitle “Princess Scoundrel.” Leia has acquired many titles and labels over the years. Princess, general, senator, and huttslayer are but a few. Now, Princess Leia #1 gives her the label of “princess scoundrel.” This is a title that Leia earns through action as she proves she is always full of surprises.

The Search for Han

Princess Leia #1 takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This a welcome development because the majority of content featuring Leia during the Galactic Civil War takes place after A New Hope and before The Empire Strikes Back. Leia and Chewbacca are on their way to Jabba’s palace and the mission to free Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster. Before they can reach their destination, Evaan Verlaine contacts the Millennium Falcon with new coordinates. The third member of Leia’s team, Lando, seems to have fallen into some trouble.

Princess Leia #1 Lando

Bounty Hunters

It may not be his fault, but Lando ran into some bounty hunters in Princess Leia #1. Since Lando is important to the plan to free Han, Leia has no choice but to divert to assist him. Almost immediately, Leia proves herself as a competent scoundrel. First, Lando runs into Boushh the bounty hunter. Despite his attempts to distract the bounty hunter, Boushh quickly disarms him. Then the big reveal comes: it was Leia all along. The Princess of Alderaan proved she could fool someone as cagey as Lando.

Next, she gets another chance to prove the effectiveness of her disguise. While she was rescuing Lando, other bounty hunters, including Bossk got the drop on Chewbacca. Therefore, Leia needs to conduct another rescue operation. She could have summoned assistance from the Rebellion, but she chose to go it alone instead.

Leia visits the local cantina the bounty hunters are operating out of. Bossk and his minions are oblivious to the fact that is actually Leia in disguise. Also, while she is there, she comments on Bossk’s acquisition of Chewbacca but lets slip just enough about Lando to give Bossk ideas. Bossk acts on his instincts and sends his henchmen after Leia.

The Trap

Leia is good at more than just disguise. She also knows deception, and Princess Leia #1 proves it. When Bossk’s minions investigate Boushh’s camp, they find Lando trying to convince Boushh to make a deal. The bounty hunters waste little time and open fire…only to discover they destroyed a decoy. Leia then strikes and subdues them both right before Bossk himself attacks. After trapping Bossk under a land side, she trades his minions for Chewbacca.

This scene, and this issue, was subtle genius. It accomplishes multiple things. First, Leia just developed a reputation for Boushh as someone not to be underestimated. Bossk is known as the guy that trained Boba Fett. His word as to Boushh’s ability will have weight. Second, Leia now has a cover story, with an impartial witness, that legitimizes the acquisition of Chewbacca. When she arrives at Jabba’s palace, she doesn’t have to worry about questions as to how she captured him. Jabba has to take her seriously. After all, she just handled one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Princess Leia #1 - Preparing for an ambush

Final Thoughts on Princess Leia #1

Princess Leia #1 was a refreshing look at Leia. So far, she has been featured in the Princess Leia mini-series by Mark Waid and she is a key character in Star Wars. However, many of those stories are about Leia finding her place in the Rebel hierarchy, the burden of leadership, and the guilt of surviving Alderaan. Princess Leia #1 tells a different story. This is the story of Leia the warrior, Leia the spy, and Leia the scoundrel. All the growth from those other stories is behind her, and she is free to lead and act on this mission.

This is among the first issues of Age of Rebellion, which takes over for Age of Republic. Greg Pak is at the helm and succeeds Jody Houser as the writer on this series. So far, he is off to a great start. Princess Leia #1 is a fun story that fills in a few connective details between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In addition, it is further evidence that the one-shot story works for Star Wars.

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