Star Wars #65 Review

by Dennis Keithly

Princess Leia and Queen Trios prove to be opposite sides of the same coin as their personal battle for Shu-Torun continues in Star Wars #65.

This review contains plot points for Star Wars #65.

Star Wars #65 Cover

Star Wars #65

Writer: Kieron Gillen | Artist: Angel Unzueta | Colorist: Guru-eFx | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles | Cover Artist: Gerald Parel | Assistant Editor: Tom Groneman | Editor: Mark Paniccia

“The Scourging of Shu-Torun” continues in Star Wars #65. While Leia and her team execute their plan to cripple the hub of Imperial production, Queen Trios prepares a counterattack. Meanwhile, Benthic puts his betrayal of the Rebellion into motion as he prepares to destroy the entire planet. Star Wars #65 continues an intriguing story about dedication, sacrifice, and duty by contrasting Queen Trios with Leia’s earlier actions.

Queen Trios Star Wars #65

Leia vs. Trios

Star Wars #65 demonstrates that Princess Leia and Queen Trios are opposite sides of the same coin. Leia, Princess of Alderaan and Rebel General, works tirelessly for the restoration of the Republic and freedom across the galaxy. She goes to great lengths and personal sacrifice to fight for her ideals. On the other side of the proverbially coin, there is Queen Trios. She too is self-sacrificing. There is little she won’t do for her home planet of Shu-Torun. There is a difference between the two: where they draw the line. Although Leia will sacrifice herself and her happiness, she won’t recklessly throw away lives. It isn’t exactly fair to say Trios “recklessly” throws away the lives of her people for the great good of Shu-Torun, but she won’t think twice about sacrificing anyone, including herself, if she deems it in the interest of the greater good.

Trios demonstrates her morality in the opening panels of Star Wars #65. Trapped in the Abyssal Rooms on Shu-Torun, she asks her advisors to confirm they can’t get out through any known route. When they confirm as much, they also advise that their only option are to breach the walls with mining equipment or explosives. Those options pose the additional hazards of exposing them to the searing temperatures of Shu-Torun. Trios’s response: what will it be then – explosives or mining equipment. Leia and her team must be stopped. The future of Shu-Torun depends on it.

Later, Trios demonstrates that dedication to Shu-Torun again. A method of escaping the Abyssal Rooms is arranged, and Queen Trios prepares to move against Leia and the rebels. One of the nobles is shocked that he and others are left behind. In no uncertain terms, Trios reminds them that all is expendable in the name of Shu-Torun’s survival. Even her. Indeed, her own father once nearly sacrificed her in the name of Shu-Torun’s future. Trios even allowed Vader to destroy a room full of nobles and guards in the name of Shu-Torun’s security.

Star Wars #65 Han and Leia


Inviting Chaos to the Mission

While Leia, Han, and Threepio work on keeping their access to the Spike secure, Luke, Benthic, and the Partisans go about sabotaging the power cores. When they reach the final core, Benthic prepares an act of sabotage that will make Shu-Torun Jedha’s twin. Luke objects. Benthic reminds him that he has fought with the Partisans before, and they know who they are.

Benthic is the third member of the case study from Star Wars #65 about what leaders will do to further their ideals. For Leia, it is sacrifice herself and inspire others in the Rebellion. For Trios, she will sacrifice anything so long as Shu-Torun survives. For Benthic and the Partisans, they live in an “eye-for-an-eye” world. The Empire destroyed their home. Therefore, they will destroy a world cherished by the Empire. Betnhic argues that this is “just.” Although Benthic seeks freedom, this course of action is all about revenge, and one must ask how, if at all, it advances the cause of freedom.

Final Thoughts on Star Wars #65

Star Wars #65 propels the “Scourging of Shu-Torun” rapidly towards its conclusion. Leia and the Rebels have had tremendous success in carrying out their plan to sabotage the production capabilities of the planet. However, as argued in other reviews, Leia made the mistake of inviting Benthic on this mission and letting her desire for revenge get the best of her. Had Leia devised this plan from a place other than revenge, she might have seen the folly in including Benthic in the plan. She also might have seen the mistake in leaving a message for Trios. That message (i.e. “You did this.”) is exactly what clued Trios in to what was happening on her planet.

The stakes in Star Wars #65 are escalated when Commander Kanchar arrives at Shu-Torun. He received a report from SCAR Squadron that details some of Leia’s plans. Tasked with overseeing Imperial production, he takes it upon himself to rectify the problems at Shu-Torun. Therefore, when he arrives at the planet, he prepares to bombard the Imperial Retreat from which Leia and her team are running their operation and Queen Trios just arrived.

Star Wars #65 is one of the better issues of this story arc so far. Leia’s motivation is set aside in favor of a demonstration of Trios’s dedication to her planet and the developing fight between Benthic and Luke. This story is set up for a dramatic conclusion in Star Wars #66.

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