Special Modifications

Special Modifications

The pursuit of perfection in one man’s Star Wars room, project by project.

To step into the Star Wars room of Mike “Mac” MacDonald is to step back in time and see the entire history of Star Wars fandom. But, how do you confine it within four walls? This is what Special Modifications is all about. In each installment, Mac details his pursuits of a more perfect display of his collection. However, it’s pretty clear that this is a project that will never truly be finished!


R5-X2 and the Saga of a Droid! A Retrozap Photo Comic

Mac tells the tale of one droid and his quest for meaning in the galaxy!
spice rack display Action Figure Displays

Special Modifications: A Cheap, Simple Trick for Action Figure Displays

If you want to collect them all you’re going to have to make space for them too.  Mac offers some tips on how to display legions of action figures in an organized, attractive (and inexpensive) way.
The Star Wars Room & Celebration Orlando: Holding Pattern

The Star Wars Room & Celebration Orlando: Holding Pattern

With Star Wars Celebration coming up in mere days in Orlando, Mac is spinning his wheels, waiting to see what he might come home with for his Star Wars room and how it will change him as a collector.
vintage black series

Vintage Black Series is Not the End of Star Wars Action Figures

Mac is thrilled about the just-announced Hasbro Vintage Black Series--even though he isn't even going to collect them!
collecting in 2017

Collecting In 2017: A State of the Star Wars Room Address

With Rogue One in the rear view and Star Wars Celebration Orlando and The Last Jedi on the horizon, Mac ponders how these will all affect his collecting in 2017.

Special Modifications: Kitbashing

The Rebel Base needs the right equipment to defeat the Empire! Mac takes care of it like ILM with a little kitbashing.
rebel base table top

Special Modifications-Rebel Base Table Top

The Alliance needs a larger base!  Mac expands his display onto a rebel base table top.
customizing markers

Customizing Action Figures-Magic Markers

Spruce up drab looking action figures with some markers!
action figure customizing

Tales From the Rebel Base: Simple Customizing

What do you do if the ranks of your rebel base diorama are a little too human?  Do a little kit bashing and start action figure customizing!
Rebel Base

Special Modifications: Tales From the Rebel Base

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the horizon, Mac is focused on the Rebel Alliance and his rebel base display.
Rogue One Toys Bring A New Hope to Collectors

Rogue One Toys Bring A New Hope to Collectors

Will the roll out of Rogue One toys be a better experience than The Force Awakens? Mac says there is hope.
Boba Fett Sitting In A Tree

Star Wars Action Figures In the Wild

Mac went camping with some Star Wars action figures and has the photos to prove it!
Jyn Erso figure

Special Modifications: Custom Jyn Erso Figure

Mac is back to explain how he quickly created his first Jyn Erso figure!
Republic Gunship

Special Modifications: Creative Republic Gunship Display

"Not to worry, we are still flying half a ship."  When you have a vehicle as cool as the Republic Gunship you find a way to display it.  Even if it means only using one side of it!

Special Modifications: Make A Carded Figure Display

Star Wars carded figures packed away in storage boxes? Heck no! You bought 'em, why not display 'em?
carded figures

Special Modifications: The Epic Struggle of Carded Figures vs Opened

Every collector has the same issue: should carded figures be opened? Does mint in box really matter?
Star Wars Room, Star Wars collecting

Special Modifications: That’s it, we did it!

Mac's Star Wars Room is finished! All that's left is to enjoy the view from the couch! The redesign of the Star Wars collecting room is done and looks great.
Special Modifications: That's Cool, But What's It For?

Special Modifications: That’s Cool, But What’s It For?

Do you collect just about anything that says "Star Wars" on it? Why not save space in your collection by actually using it for what it was intended?
Catalog Your Star Wars Collection

Special Modifications: Catalog Your Star Wars Collection

Mac has detailed files on every figure in his Star Wars room. Here's how to do it.
Special Modifications: This Is Just the Beginning

Special Modifications: This Is Just the Beginning

Everything is proceeding as Mac has foreseen...to spectacular results!
Special Modifications: She May Not Look Like Much...

Special Modifications: She May Not Look Like Much…

Mac's special modifications go on; the Star Wars room redesign continues!
Special Modifications: Here We Go Again

Special Modifications: Here We Go Again

It’s ok Threepio, I did not see this coming either--a complete Star Wars room redesign!
Special Modifications: The 12 Original Kenner Figures

Special Modifications: The 12 Original Kenner Figures

Mac goes back in time to talk about how he got the famous first dozen!
Special Modifications: Camping on Force Friday

Special Modifications: Camping on Force Friday

Where did Mac camp out on Force Friday? Toys 'R' Us, Targret, or Awenda Provincal Park?
Special Modifications Episode VI

Special Modifications Episode VI

Always In Motion is the Star Wars Room.
Special Modifications - Favorites From Mac's Collection

Special Modifications – Favorites From Mac’s Collection

Mike "Mac" MacDonald takes a look at some of his most prized collectibles.
Special Modifications - R2-D2 Camper Vent

Special Modifications – R2-D2 Camper Vent

No loose wire jokes here! Mac is back with an amazing Star Wars camper hack!
Special Modifications - Episode V

Special Modifications – Episode V

I dunno. I’m making this up as I go…
Special Modifications - Part 4

Special Modifications – Part 4

The Shelf Saga of Anakin Skywalker.
Special Modifications - Part 3

Special Modifications – Part 3

How Can Boushh Be In The Same Room As Leia?!
Special Modifications – Part 2

Special Modifications – Part 2

When Your Toys Drive You Nuts
Special Modifications - Part 1

Special Modifications – Part 1

New RetroZap! writer Mike MacDonald debuts his new blog series on his Star Wars room redesign!