Sonic and Pikachu Are Just the Beginning

by RetroZap Staff

There has always been a relationship between the different entertainment mediums. It is not uncommon to see gaming characters influencing films, films influencing video games, or music and films influencing casino games. Just go to your favourite online film market place, open up your gaming library or have a look at Royal Vegas Casino and see how many links you can make between these entertainment sources.

Or, keep reading while we reel off some exceptional films that were based on their video game counterparts.

The Most notable Video Game Movies

There are some fantastic movies in the pipeline featuring some of the all-time favourite video game characters. You can now feast your eyes on a movie all about Pikachu in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, or even watch your furry blue friend Sonic the Hedgehog in his namesake’s big screen adaption. These are on the way, but what awesome movies have already been made that are based on video games.

  1. Tomb Raider
    If you love playing the Tomb Raider game, you are likely to enjoy the film adaptations. The 2008 version was arguable better than the previous two, but you can expect good things from the next Tomb Raider film that is already in production.
  2. Resident Evil
    Not many would have predicted that the resident evil video games would result in an animation film, but it happened, and it lived up to expectation. In fact, the animation film has been praised for maintaining the video game’s characters and plot themes – unlike other video game adaptions which can often use the title or the character to go in a whole other direction.
  3. Warcraft
    World of Warcraft has been nothing short of successful in the gaming sphere, so the film adaptation had a lot to live up to. Duncan Jones did a stellar job of doing just that and we think it is mainly because he stuck to the themes and plot of the original World of Warcraft game. The only criticism has been towards the visuals of the characters, which could have been improved considering the size of the film’s budget.
  4. Need for Speed
    Need for Speed was a monumental success in the gaming world, so the film version of the action had big shoes to fill. Thankfully, the directors and cast made the right turns and the film was reasonable successful.
  5. Silent Hill
    If you ever haunted the foggy town of Silent Hill, you may have missed the game’s film release back in 2006. The film is based on the game’s narrative as the protagonists searches for an antidote in a spooky town.

What Video Games Should Be Turned into Movies?

The options for gamers today are much bigger than over the last decades, with more characters and more interesting plots. With this in mind, there should be even more scope for video games to feed the minds of film producers. What video characters would you like to see in Hollywood?

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