Solo #2 Review

by Dennis Keithly

Solo #2 continues the adaptation of the latest Star Wars movie as Han, Chewbacca, and Beckett stage a heist on the conveyex.

This article contains plot points for Solo #2.

Solo #2 Cover

Writer: Robbie Thompson | Artist: Will Sliney | Colorist: Federico Blee | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Cover Artist: Phil Noto | Assistant Editor: Tom Groneman | Editor: Mark Paniccia

Solo: A Star Wars #1 left Han Solo in a pit at the mercy of Chewbacca. Solo #2 continues the adventures of a young Han as he teams up with Beckett and his crew. Their mission, as it was in the movie, is a heist on the conveyex on Vandor. Their objective is the coaxium, also known as hyperfuel hauled by Vandor’s would be train. However, an Imperial presence and the threat of Enfys Nest and the Could Riders stand in their way.

Minimal Changes

Solo #2 only provides minimal changes to the story as presented on screen. The biggest change arrives when Han consults with Rio Durrant aboard the AT-Hauler. It is a fun little scene. Han counsels Rio that the Empire might track the Hauler. He further suggests Rio mask the heat signature. Naturally, Rio isn’t letting a rookie scoundrel show him up. When Han makes his suggestion, Rio acts as if he is on top of things. However, when Han leaves, Rio implements his solution. Readers looking for more need to look back at Solo #1 or wait until Solo #3.

Solo #2 - the campfire

The Conveyex

The conveyex heist dominates Solo #2. After Han and Chewbacca escape from Mimban with Beckett, the conveyex heist consumes most of the rest of the issue. Overall, Solo #2 does well in translating this action scene to the page. The intimacy and camaraderie of the camp fire scene oozes through the pages of Solo #2. Val, Beckett, and Rio reveal a little of their past. Plus, their cohesiveness and fondness for one another shines. Han and Chewbacca’s turn to share their past also come off as touching.

The raid on the conveyex moves quickly. Once they touch down on the transport, the action becomes intense. If there is one thing lacking, it is the near absence of the range troopers. Although they didn’t receive much in the way of screen time in the movie, their role is even less in Solo #2. In fact, they appear in a single panel. It seems like a missed opportunity to enhance the presence of perhaps the best looking Imperials in the movie.

Enfys Nest

The conveyex heist also features the introduction of Enfys Nest. Up until this scene, she was a mere suggestion between Val and Beckeet. Solo #2 does well in concealing the fact Enfys is a woman. Regardless, her arrival with the Cloud Riders is dramatic. Will Sliney contributed amazing work here. Enfys’s first panel places her in the spotlight as she arrives at the conveyex on her bike. Next, she makes a courageous leap onto the conveyex. One gets a sense of power and physical prowess with Enfys. In addition, her dramatic appearance nearly makes the audience forgets she appears in only three panels. Robbie Thompson and Sliney combined their talents to make her presence memorable in such a short space.

Solo #2 - Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders

Final Thoughts on Solo #2

Solo #2 follows Han, Chewbacca, and Beckett (the survivors of the failed conveyex heist) to a meeting with Dryden Voss on his yacht. Although the meeting is left for Solo #3, Solo #2 ends with the reveal that Qi’ra escaped Corellia when she saunters up behind Han and surprises him. Her appearance in this reveal is a little less happy and eager. In fact, she seem slightly suspicious or annoyed. Whether this was deliberate remains to be seen in Solo #3.

Overall, Solo #2 is a worthy adaptation of the corresponding scenes in the film. The stakes are clear. Beckett’s devastation and grief when Rio dies from his blaster wound and Val sacrifices herself are palpable. If there is a criticism of the art it is that Han seems very squinty. Dryden’s initial appearance is promising. Sliney did well capturing Paul Betany’s likeness without resorting to photo referencing.

Even though this issue didn’t feature much new material, there are five issues left in the adaptation. There are plenty of things left to cover, including the introduction of Lando and L3-37, the raid on Kessel, and the eventual showdown with Dryden Vos. Readers have a lot to be excited about. The biggest accomplishment of this issue was setting the stakes for the remainder of the story: their failure to acquire the coaxium has consequences. They must acquire more or Dryden Vos will dispose of them.

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