Skywalking Through Neverland Holiday Gift: “Christmas In The Stars”

by Skywalking Through Neverland

It’s our Holiday Gift to you! An exploration of the classic 1980 Star Wars Christmas Album: “Christmas In The Stars.”

Join Richard, Sarah and our podcast composer Rob Dehlinger on this journey through “Christmas in the Stars.

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Skywalking Through Neverland: “Christmas In The Stars”

Happy Holidays, Skywalkers! We have a gift for you: Rob Dehlinger (Our Podcast Composer & Musician) joins us as we delve into the 1980 Star Wars Christmas Album: “Christmas In The Stars!” by Meco. Whether you had this as a kid or if this is your first exposure, we promise a great time.

We check out each musical piece, from “Bells, Bells Bells” to “What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)” Then we dig into the history of the album and Fun Facts. Jon Bon Jovi, anyone?

All we can say is “You’re Welcome” ;) and…
NeverLand on Alderaan!


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Never Land on Alderaan!

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