Secrets And Holograms – Star Wars Resistance S01E10 Review

by Michael Harris

The First Order returns to Colossus Station and it’s up to Kaz to uncover the details of their meeting with Doza in “Secrets and Holograms.”

The tension is palpable on Colossus Station in “Secrets and Holograms” as Captain Doza anticipates, and dreads, the imminent arrival of Commander Pyre and The First Order. However all his daughter, Torra Doza, feels is boredom and cabin fever, wanting desperately to get off the platform to break the monotony. Doza  is hesitant to let his daughter stray too far from the tower, a bit overprotective, he knows what is coming and wants to keep her close to him.

Unwilling to obey her fathers temporary lockdown Torra pulls a fast one and hacks the door to her room open and leaves the Tower, soon bumping into Kaz who’s been trying to get into the Tower. After a quick walk through the marketplace Kaz convinces Torra to go back in to the Tower when he sees his big chance; the First Order has just arrived. It certainly isn’t made easy for him with obstacles including Stormtroopers, Jace Rucklin and a brief side trip through an incinerator. And that’s all before finding skeletons in Doza’s closet…

A Friend On The Inside

Kaz may have been able to slip into Doza’s Tower without any help, he’s turned out to be pretty resourceful, or at the very least pretty lucky. But proving that “it pays to know someone” bumping into Torra in “Secrets and Holograms” eased the process along while also giving these two another chance at building their bond. Torra is the first member of Ace Squadron that Kaz met and challenged to a race, and when he crashed into the ocean, she was there when he woke up and glad that he survived. She also helped him out of a tight spot back in “The High Tower“.

Secrets and Holograms

Being close in age, only five years apart, they both seem to want to grow their friendship, not necessarily a romantic connection, and even though Kazuda takes full advantage of her invite it doesn’t feel like it’s all business for him. Torra on the other hand has no ulterior motive; she’s just bored and wants to have some fun. As a pair of young racers they have a lot in common. Video games, a genuine love for flying and sometimes the urge to just be a teenager. For someone who often feels lonely the experience is invaluable for Torra. Kaz learns a bit about her father’s dealings with the order but it’s also apparent that he values this opportunity to bond some more with her.

Of course this is Star Wars so bonding does include evading death in a massive trash incinerator.

Where the two do differ is their relationships with their respective fathers. While Xiono’s is strained as briefly touched on in “The Recruit” Torra and Captain Doza have a much closer relationship. The increasing frequency of the pirate raids and the pressure put on him by the First Order are taking its toll and desperation is setting in. There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly nefarious about his dealings currently, just a need to protect his citizens and more importantly his daughter. Torra has seen how he has been acting differently since his talks with the Order began and just wants things to return to normal.

The Arrival

Touching down again on Colossus Station is Commander Pyre in a very recognizable and ominous looking craft. It’s an Upsilon-class command shuttle and is the same type of ship that Kylo Ren uses as his personal shuttle.

Secrets and Holograms

Having discussed a proposition previously the Order’s patience running thin. This time a kind of ultimatum is laid down by Pyre; that the offer will not last very long and that Doza needs to make a decision. When asked how long the First Order’s presence will be around after the threat of the pirates has been eliminated Pyre gives a vague and unconvincing answer. Doza hopefully is reading between the lines here. They have no intention of giving up military control once they have it. While the situation here is clearly different it slightly calls back to Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back. Lines like “this deal is getting worse all the time” and “it’d be unfortunate if I had to leave a garrison here” just jump out.

It’s been a slow build throughout the previous episodes but it is coming to a head here shortly. Doza will need to make a decision and one that puts his back clearly up against the wall. Accept the offer and live under the yoke of the Order or turn it down and more than likely suffer their wrath.

Imperial Entanglements

“Secrets and Holograms” has its fair share of nods to the past and most of them are pretty subtle.

The Holo-Game that Kaz and Torra are playing is a flight simulator and features an appearance from the iconic space slug! While also in Torra’s room, several stuffed creatures can be seen as part of the décor and include a taun-taun and a puffer pig.

Secrets and Holograms

The biggest one in “Secrets and Holograms” though comes when Kaz is in Captain Doza’s office. Sneaking in to copy the information off the datapad that Pyre gave Dozais interrupted when he, along with Jace Rucklin, enter. Hiding out in a closet Kaz sees and old Imperial uniform on a hanger. It confirms Kaz’s suspicion that Doza is up to no good. If he was once an Imperial Officer, the bars on the uniform denotes the rank of Captain, than it’s completely plausible that he is willing to work with the First Order. At least according to Kazuda.

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