Scarlet Velocity #711: Family Matters part 2

by Scarlet Velocity

Barry’s ‘children’ take “Family Matters” into their own hands to stop the vengeful Speed Force from destroying everyone on Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!

Barry’s pseudo-children are forced to take “Family Matters” into their own hands as Nora continues to threaten everyone.

A giant lightning storm descends on Central City, causing all kinds of problems. Nora orders Barry to bring her Sage, Still, and Strength, but instead Barry tries to hide them in an empty version of the Speed Force where she can’t sense them. The lightning storm takes out Cecile, which worries Joe. It also takes out Iron Heights, which lets loose a bunch of dangerous Metas, and Frost too. Team Flash is running out of time. Luckily, the three siblings work together to try and stop their angry sister. What will the future hold for all our heroes as this chapter of their lives comes to a close? This is the reason Jay and Josh always dread family reunions, on this week’s episode of Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast!

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Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast

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