The Sandcrawler


Collectors–Dan and Mac have a lot more than busted droids on this sandcrawler!

Welcome everyone to The Sandcrawler a Star Wars collecting podcast hosted by “Dengar” Dan Lizotte and Mike “Tarkin” MacDonald!

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What makes this podcast different than all the rest? Well, first off, we won’t be reading off checklists, we won’t be talking about where and when to find certain figures or collectibles. There are plenty of other people doing that out there. We here at the Sandcrawler care about YOU, the collector! If you have a collection of Star Wars figures, cereal boxes, or Pez dispensers, we want to know!  Mike is an OT kid from Ontario, Canada and Dan first saw Star Wars in 1991 while growing up in Massachusetts. This and an 18-year difference between the two hosts will often give the listener a unique look at Star Wars collecting.

Our goal is to provide a fun and entertaining show about why Star Wars collectibles mean so much to us. These pieces of merchandise enhance our beloved Star Wars movies more than the average person can understand, which is why we want to talk to you and not the average person! What does collecting mean to you? What things do you collect? How do you display your collection? Is this a family activity? We love activities, we have so much room for activities with bunk beds now!

Each episode you can expect to find out a couple of cool new things that Mike and Dan have picked up and whatever the collecting news and hot topic may be that week. As far as Star Wars news goes? Well, let’s just say the Sandcrawler has it’s own take on weekly Star Wars news. Mike and Dan are also not paid endorsers for any product and we do not receive product to review. In turn, that means you will get honest and real comments and feelings towards the current state of collecting.  As the show progresses, look for interviews with fellow collectors and hear their amazing stories.

Spend some time with us and let’s have some fun talking Star Wars toys. Who doesn’t want to talk Star Wars toys, right?

sandcrawler podcast

The Sandcrawler #28: Beaver Tail Revelations

What did we cover on this week’s show?  More like what DIDN’T we cover!!  From trouble on the Han Solo set, to Forrest Gump to Cars 3 to Beaver Tails, this week’s show has it all!
The Sandcrawler #27: Tusken Raiders In Batman

The Sandcrawler #27: Tusken Raiders In Batman

We barely made it through the week to bring you this new episode! Blue Shadow Virus had us both against the ropes (can you catch a cold via Skype?) but we are back with some Action Figure Therapy!
tom berges

The Sandcrawler #26-40th Anniversary Lederhosen With Tom Berges

We celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars this week!  Can you believe Star Wars hit the big four-oh on May 25?  Neither can we but we do our best to digest it and we've brought along the "OT Curmudgeon" himself, Tom Berges from I Grew Up Star Wars to help us out!
Iger Lucas Star Wars

The Sandcrawler #25-Getting “Iger-ed”

Happy belated May the Fourth!  This week on your home for Action Figure Therapy, Dan and Mike are trying to sort out what comes next in their Star Wars rooms.
Star Wars Celebration

The Sandcrawler #24- Bubblegum, Toilet Paper and Rum Punch

Dan and Mike are back with a second look at their Star Wars Celebration Orlando experience and this time we’ve brought along our good friend Chris Salton of The Collector’s Hutt and Brews and Blasters to help them sort it all out.
Celebration Orlando

The Sandcrawler #23- Middle-Aged Men Hugging

It finally happened!  The long awaited FIRST face-to-face meeting of your hosts! Dan and Mike meet up for Star Wars Celebration Orlando and well, there was hugging. It was magical!
Star Wars Celebration

The Sandcrawler: Star Wars Celebration Collectibles Listener Request!

We are back from Star Wars Celebration and need your help, dear listener!

The Sandcrawler #22: Celebration Road Trip!

Welcome to a special ROAD TRIP EDITION of The Sandcrawler!  If you're hopping in your car, or catching a flight to Orlando you're going to need something to listen to right?  

The Sandcrawler #21: Jawa Socks

It is Celebration Week! Dan and Mike are finalizing plans for their first face to face meeting down in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration!
celebration orlando

The Sandcrawler #20: Everybody Stay Calm. No Need to Panic!

It's a jammed packed mega-show this week as Dan and Mike reveal their Star Wars Celebration Panel choices and discuss the end of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.
The Sandcrawler #19: Dance Like A Drunken Fireman

The Sandcrawler #19: Dance Like A Drunken Fireman

Star Wars Celebration looms on the horizon like the Death Star over Scariff except, you know, in a good way.

The Sandcrawler #18: Taking Ketwol’s Pants Off

This week we welcome the guy that brought your hosts together--Retrozap’s Big Kahuna & co-host of Brews & Blasters, Joe Tavano.
The Sandcrawler #17: New York Toy Fair 2017

The Sandcrawler #17: New York Toy Fair 2017

We're back for a special edition of The Sandcrawler as we break down the cool Hasbro Star Wars reveals at New York Toy Fair with Joe Tavano!
The Sandcrawler #16: Jake Stevens, The Kenner Hole & Patriots Rule!

The Sandcrawler #16: Jake Stevens, The Kenner Hole & Patriots Rule!

Superbowl rants!  Superhero movies! And of course, Star Wars figure talk with Jake Stevens!
Chris Salton

The Sandcrawler #15: A Hutt, A Bounty Hunter & A Moff Walk Into A Bar…

This week we welcome uber Star Wars collector Chris Salton of The Collector’s Hutt and co-host of Brews and Blasters!
Bonus Video Episode

The Sandcrawler Bonus Video Episode!

Enjoyed our look at the Kenner vintage Star Wars line from last week?  Here's a little bonus!
sandcrawler kenner star wars action figures

The Sandcrawler #14: Jedi Luke’s Escape From the Ford Taurus!

Can you dig it?? Step back in time to 1978 and the original Kenner Star Wars action figures!
Sandcrawler podcast new year

The Sandcrawler #13: A New Year & Goodbye To A Princess

Welcome back to The Sandcrawler and Happy New Year!
Rogue One reaction show

The Sandcrawler #12: Rogue One Reaction Show!

We saw Rogue One and we are psyched!
Elf on the Shelf

The Sandcrawler #11: Elf On the Shelf-After Dark

We are getting into the Holiday spirit with our first show of the Christmas season! Plans to make Action Figure Therapy a worldwide industry and a Star Wars twist to Elf On the Shelf are just the beginning this week! Oh, and of course we're geeking out about Rogue One!
Adam Lamping

The Sandcrawler #10: Droid In A Fedora with Adam Lamping

An interview with's Adam Lamping.  A discussion about a droid wearing Indiana Jones' Fedora. That can only mean a new episode of The Sandcrawler!
Jordan Maison

The Sandcrawler #9: Action Figure Therapy w. Jordan Maison

After a week off due to a case of Blue Shadow Virus, Dan and Mike are back with an interview with the Editor in Chief of, Jordan Maison.
Jordan Maison Desert Island Star Wars Figures

The Sandcrawler #8: Desert Island Star Wars Figures

Mike goes on a Canadian Black Series rant, Dan's questioning his next few Funko Pop reviews and listeners respond with their choice for desert island Star Wars figures!
Lead-Laced K-2SO Hall and Oates

The Sandcrawler #7: Lead-laced K-2SO

“Halloween hangover? Maybe. Hall and Oates and Count Chocula should do the trick!”
The Sandcrawler #6: Halloween Special Edition!

The Sandcrawler #6: Halloween Special Edition!

“You Gotta Display Him With the Boogers”
Jesse Tschopp

The Sandcrawler #5: Thrawn Is A Punk

Jesse Tschopp drops by and talks about his Star Wars home theater room and his favorite plastic idols.
The Sandcrawler #4: It's So Han Solo It Hurts

The Sandcrawler #4: It’s So Han Solo It Hurts

We're geeking out about the new Rogue One poster and sharing our origin stories as Star Wars fans!
Grand Moff

The Sandcrawler #3: Grand Moff Pizza

A Grand Moff buys pizza, a Rogue Friday round up with some special guests and the fellas shop like gentlemen!
Sandcrawler 1 featured Patriots

The Sandcrawler #2: Puzzles, Patriots & Death By Sharpie

Creepy Yoda, a classic Dengar Dan flea market tale. The Starspeeder 1000, Patriots, Parker Brothers puzzles and more!
Sandcrawler 1 featured Patriots

The Sandcrawler #1: A New Era In Star Wars Collecting Begins

A NEW RetroZap Podcast for Collectors! Dan and Mac have a lot more than busted droids on this sandcrawler!