Rogue One #2 Review

by Dennis Keithly

The Rogue One adaptation continues as Jyn Erso seeks out Saw Gerrera on Jedha.

This article discusses the plot of Rogue One #2.

Rogue One #2 Cover

Rogue One #2

Writer: Jody Houser | Artists: Emilio Laiso & Oscar Bazaldua | Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles | Cover Artist: Phil Noto | Production Design: Carlos Lao | Editor: Heather Antos | Supervising Editor: Jordan D. White

The Adaptation Continues

As with the previous issue, Rogue One #2 continues the adaptation of the movie. Therefore, readers are likely familiar with the story. The second issue picks up the story as Jyn and Cassian arrive on Jedha and concludes with the Death Star attack on the holy city. Along the way, Jyn and Cassian survive an attack on an Imperial convoy by Saw Gerrera’s partisans, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus come to their aide, and Saw’s men take them prisoner. In addition, Director Krennic demonstrates the capabilities of the Death Star for Grand Moff Tarkin.

Rogue One #2 - Jyn and Cassian Walk to the Holy City

Flashbacks of Saw

As with Rogue One #1, Jyn reflects on her history with Saw Gerrera. The opening panels demonstrate Saw’s rescue of Jyn with some minor additional material. In the film, this scene is part of the opening sequence. Later, as Jyn angrily confronts Saw at his stronghold, images of their history together flow throughout their conversation. First, Saw rescues Jyn and carries her from Lah’mu. Then Saw instructs Jyn on proper handling of a blaster. A bitter confrontation between Saw and Bail Organa comes next. That is followed by Saw abandoning Jyn.

Although, the dialogue form the film was sufficient to convey the agonizing history between these characters, these panels highlight their past issues. They add depth and gravity to Jyn’s emotions when confronting her surrogate father. In just four panels on a single page, Rogue One #2 tells a history of rescue, mentoring, and abandonment. The reasons for Jyn’s resentment and anger become crystal clear.

Even after watching Rogue One, some viewers questioned whether Jyn’s abilities were earned. She is more than adept with blasters and combat batons. Although the narrative history provided by Saw Gerrera should have been sufficient in the film, the adaptation further silences those questions with these flashback scenes.

Rogue One #2 - Saw mentors Jyn

Bor Gullet

Star Wars is famous for its aliens. Despite the dozens of species featured in the first seven films, Rogue One still managed to introduce several new aliens that captured the attention and imagination of fans. One standout is Bor Gullet. This large octopus-like creature could read the thoughts and discern the truth of those he interrogated. Saw Gerrera used Bor Gullet to torture Bodhi Rook for information.

Despite his importance in Bor Gullet’s organization, he only had one scene in the movie. To the horror of Bodhi Rook, Bor Gullet wrapped his tentacles around Rook and ripped out his memories. In addition, Saw suggested this process caused one to lose their mind. The comic expands on this by interweaving images of Rook’s thoughts on the past throughout the story. These images highlight Bodhi’s later confusion and disorientation. In short, Bor Gullet seems so much more menacing.

Rogue One #2 - Bor Gullet


Rogue One #2 continues the outstanding adaptation of the film that was started with Rogue One #1. Houser, Laiso, Bazaldua and the rest of the crew combined their incredible talents to create an adaptation that maintains the frenetic pace of the film while supplementing the story with just enough additional material. In addition, the art successfully captures the essence of the characters. For example, Jyn Erso looks like Felicity Jones. Identifying Donnie Yen in Chirrut Imwe requires no squinting. The Rogue One series is a case study on how to complete an adaptation.

Rogue One #2 - Jyn listens to Galen Erso

Favorite Panel from Rogue One #2

Another benefit of the adaptation is the dialogue. Rogue One featured many great lines. For example, “I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me.” The adaptation highlights many of these great lines with amazing art. One of my favorites is K-2SO’s attempt at an explanation as to what he is doing with Jyn and Cassian in the Holy City. He states, “I am taking them…to imprison them. In prison.” He then follows that up with a smack to Cassian. This adaptation highlights the humorous dialogue spectacularly.

However, my favorite line came from Chirrut. Once he arrives to rescue Cassian and Jyn, he declares to the assembled stormtroopers, “The Force is with me, and I am one with the Force, and I fear nothing, for all is as the Force wills it.” Donnie Yen fantastically delivered that line. He was confident and unafraid in the face of superior numbers. The adaptation captured the scene perfectly. That is the favorite panel of Rogue One #2.

Rogue One #2 - All is as the Force wills it.

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