RetroZap at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

by Joseph Tavano

The New England arm of RetroZap descended upon Rhode Island Comic Con for an amazing show. Who did they meet? What collectibles did they find? What did they eat? Read on to find out!

Joe, Bill, and Conte toured and explored everything Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 had to offer, from the amazing array of celebrities spanning decades, right up through the A-List blockbusters of today. Look below at the photoset to get an idea at how amazing this convention is, and make sure to see us there next year!

The Raid!

Dolph Lundgren

The Brews and Blasters guys met one of their idols, Dolph Lundgren!

Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Meeting Dolph Lundgren at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Boss Fight Studios

One of the most exciting exhibitors at Rhode Island Comic Con was a team of independent action figure makers known as Boss Fight Studios. In addition to amazing Bucky O’Hare figures, their line of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures are amazing in detail, completely customizable, paint-able–and can be mixed and matched! Check out the detail on our favorite below.

An amazing figure from Boss Fight Studios

Photo Opps!

Stranger Things and Twin Peaks were well represented!

Photo Opps a Plenty!


It’s not every day you see a free-roaming Dalek.

Daleks crush hot dogs, too.

Bloodsport: Donald Gibb

One of the nicest guys signing on the floor of Rhode Island Comic Con, Bloodsport and Revenge of the Nerds star Donald Gibb was everything Joe hoped he would be. From deeper insight into the making of Bloodsport to just being really nice, it was an amazing interaction with a legend!

Meeting Donald Gibb (Bloodsport)

This is a Gremlins 2 figure, sold from a vendor on the floor. Amazing detail!

Play the Bones!

Star Wars

Ever present at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 are the amazing Star Wars celebrities, displays, cosplay, and collectibles. Scroll down for more!

Use the Force!

Figures are NOT hard to come by at Rhode Island Comic Con. Look at all the amazing vintage Kenner figures–including a few of the last 17!

The Raid

A Gonk so perfect you’d want to take it home.

Darth Vader’s Astromech

Astromechs of every type and color dotted the area around the 501st area.

Life-size Kaytoo Esso

For more on Rhode Island Comic Con 2017, listen to this episode of Brews and Blasters! For coverage of past Rhode Island Comic Cons, click here.


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