“Rendezvous Point” Star Wars Resistance S02E08

by Eric Onkenhout

An unexpected appearance may mean the difference between Tam staying with or leaving the First Order in, Rendezvous Point.

This article contains plot points from Star Wars Resistance: Rendezvous Point.

That’s more like it! Star Wars Resistance nailed it this week. Tam’s story finally got some attention, Torra’s mother made her debut and topping it off, references to the comics were dropped. With nearly half the season left, Resistance looks like it’s turning its compass towards the main story, which is the resistance fighting the First Order, with Tam in the eye of the hurricane. As Doza waits for an unknown pilot to arrive, the First Order is bearing down on the Colossus. TIE’s swarm, overpowering the Ace’s until they can’t wait any longer. The Ace’s return to the Colossus just as it jumps to hyperspace. A split second later the pilot arrives and is ultimately captured by the First Order.

The first few moments of Rendezvous Point sparks several questions. Who are they waiting for? Why are they waiting for her? Why did Torra react so strongly? An opening like this makes for a much more compelling episode—it gets the brain thinking. The question of who the pilot is is quickly answered as Torra reveals it’s her mother—Captain Doza’s wife. The fact that this is affirmed so early on gives her character time to develop throughout the episode.


From the start, the tension is palpable. Kaz inquires about Captain Doza’s orders. Things are not going well. Unlike previous episodes where the story took on an everyday chore vibe (hunt and retrieve), Rendezvous Point drops the viewer right into the middle of a space battle. The dialogue is such that it doesn’t feel the need to explain itself. The story unfolds at it should naturally through the characters and what they’re saying.


Star Wars Resistance Rendezvous Point

The “she” that Torra is referring to is Venisa Doza, an ex-rebel pilot now flying a modified X-wing fighter. After getting caught in a tractor beam of a First Order Star Destroyer, Venisa mentions Bakura and Lehon as places she’s narrowly escaped. Fans of Legends material will recognize the name Bakura from the 1994 novel by Kathy Tyers, Truce at Bakura. And Lehon was a planet first mentioned in the Knights of the Old Republic game from 2003.

Torch, Venisa’s astromech, looks like a modified R3 unit with its transparent dome, and retro camera eye lens. Venisa is a no-nonsense veteran pilot—it’s easy to see where Torra gets her spunk from (certainly not from her father). Speaking of Captain Doza, after listening to the Ace’s bash her father’s plan for laying low, Torra gets fed up and vents, “You have no idea what my family’s given up to protect this platform!” The Ace’s are literally expressing the thoughts of the audience.

Torra and the Ace’s Clash

Star Wars Resistance Rendezvous Point

Turns out, it’s also Torra’s birthday, and her only wish is to see her mother again. It’s a topical subject, war tearing families apart. Not only in Star Wars (see Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Rebels), but it tragically happens in the real-world as well.

Doza lit a beacon so Venisa could locate their position, which also allowed the First Order to establish their position. It would’ve been better if Doza sent out an encrypted code to anyone with resistance ties instead of a general beacon? Neeku informed Kaz that on this day for the past six years, Doza and Torra leave Castilon on a family trip. Kaz then realizes that six years ago was when General Leia created the resistance too. The creation of the resistance and Leia’s struggle with the Republic are all found in Claudia Grey’s 2016 novel, Bloodline.

Tam and the Prisoner

Aboard the Star Destroyer where Venisa is now held captive, Tam immediately recognizes Venisa, but can’t place her name. Venisa, however, remembers Tam. It’s interesting that an unbiased opinion (unbiased as in someone not from the Colossus), is now telling Tam that Yeager thought of her as a daughter. That the First Order is feeding her lies for their own gain. She tells Tam that the First Order doesn’t care about her goals of becoming a pilot. Tam realizes that if someone like Venisa tells her this, there has to be some truth to it. Yes, Venisa is part of the resistance and will speak ill of the First Order anyway, but Tam isn’t ignorant. She knows what the First Order is about, but isn’t allowing herself to admit it. Not yet.

In a scene very similar in The Force Awakens, Venisa helps Torch steal a TIE fighter, except this one isn’t anchored down. Agent Tierney quickly realizes this is a diversion for Venisa’s own escape. The First Order is enduring a lot to capture the Colossus and since Tam’s defected. It’s no wonder Kylo Ren is seen in the trailer for season two choking Teirney. Her methods for obtaining information and recruiting troops leave a lot to be desired. At some point, Captian Phasma will relieve Tierney, as Phasma’s ruthlessness is highly effective.

Tierney’s Loss

Star Wars Resistance Rendezvous Point

Venisa’s little talk got to Tam because as Venisa’s X-wing took off, Tam yelled for Venisa to stop. Tam wanted to leave with Venisa. Tierney immediately asks Tam if Venisa revealed her identity. The fact that Tam lied an said she didn’t is a sign that she wants to protect Venisa, and keep the opportunity for her to return to the Colossus open. But in doing so, she puts herself at risk of interrogation as Tierney tells her she will be debriefed, and they will check the cameras.

Slowly the Colossus is gaining supplies, and now personnel with Mika Grey and now Venisa Doza. Mika seems like the loner type (despite her attempts to keep Force artifacts hidden), but Venisa is a dedicated member in the fight against the First Order. Seeing her in The Rise of Skywalker would further legitimize Star Wars Resistance and its tie to the sequel trilogy.

In another juicy tidbit, Venisa dropped the name Terex which in its context sounds like a planet name, but fans of the Poe Dameron comic know Terex as a high member of the First Order Security Bureau. When Agent Tierney first appeared in season one, it seemed like a missed opportunity not to use Terex as the agent to recruit Tam. This way, it expands the story by creating a new character in Tierney. Regardless, it’s nice to see the comics get some attention.

Star Wars Resistance Rendezvous Point


Rendezvous Point is the best episode of the season, there’s no doubt about it. It’s got tension, emotion, and makes connections to other Star Wars media. Most of all, it overtly advances the story, something that’s been a struggle to accomplish this season with any consistency. Attention turns to Tam now—attention she’s going to need to dance around because those recordings are going to reveal the truth about Venisa’s conversation with Tam.

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