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LOST was one of the most important television series of all time, and now it’s getting the retrospective it deserves. Join us for the greatest Lost podcast in the flashforward as we go back to the Island, push the button every 108 seconds and drink some Dharma beer. This show’s future is all about what happened…Previously on Lost.

LOST made a huge cultural impact in television back in 2004, defining and solidifying the golden age of television and elevating serial dramas to a status not seen in more than a century. For six years, LOST stretched the viewers’ imaginations, while also inspiring a generation of storytellers. Previously On Lost is a deep-dive Lost podcast, rewatching, analyzing and enjoying every episode of the series as well as ancillary material. Your hosts Mike Ellis and Bill Drewnowski, two series experts who share a deep love for the Island, will take you on a journey filled with flashbacks, flashforwards, and even flash-sideways all designed to take you deeper into a story where anything is possible. Whether this is your first time watching the series or an old adventurer, we have to go back!




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