Previously On LOST 41: Lockdown

by Previously On Lost

Who can bluff better? Why is John Locke always getting conned? Henry Gale’s story is “true” according to Sayid. More revelations about the hatch are revealed and more this time! Join Mike, Kory and Steven as they take a look at Season 2, Episode 17 of LOST and hope the blast doors don’t come down on their legs!

On the 41st episode, Mike, Kory and Steven review and discuss the after effects of a Swan Station lockdown. Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie discover the truth about Henry Gale. Sawyer and Jack play poker for medicine. Flashbacks focus on Locke and Helen and Locke’s keen sense of misplaced trust, again. Mike, Kory and Steven also take a look at the pop culture references and give a glimpse into the next episode!

Show Notes

  • Introductions
  • Summary of “Lockdown”
  • Interesting Episode Facts
  • Discussion of “Lockdown”
    • 4 – 8 Key Episode Moments
    • 15-16 Second Overall Review of the Episode
    • 23 Rating System of the Episode
    • Ending Discussion
      • Unanswered Questions
      • Sawyer’s Name Dictionary
      • Pop Culture References for “Lockdown”
  • The Next Episode to be Discussed
    • “Dave”
  • Closing remarks for “Lockdown”
  • Closing Credits
    • Social Media


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LOST made a huge cultural impact in television back in 2004, defining and solidifying the golden age of television and elevating serial dramas to a status not seen in more than a century. For six years, LOST stretched the viewers’ imaginations, while also inspiring a generation of storytellers. Previously On Lost is a deep-dive rewatch podcast, analyzing and enjoying every episode of the series as well as ancillary material. Your hosts Mike Ellis ad Bill Drewnowski, two series experts who share a deep love for the Island, will take you on a journey filled with flashbacks, flashforwards, and even flash-sideways all designed to take you deeper into a story where anything is possible. Whether this is your first time watching the series or an old adventurer, we have to go back!

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