Power to the Prequels

Power to the Prequels

There was a time that three Star Wars movies were released, earned billions, and changed the world. That time was 1999-2005. With Power to the Prequels, Michael O’Connor’s here to show you just how amazing these films are.

Power to the Prequels is an ongoing column that critiques and analyzes the Star Wars prequels, and demonstrates their worth both as individual films and also as components of a larger saga. The goal is neither to blindly praise these films nor condemn them but rather to specifically and respectfully consider the artistic decisions made by director George Lucas and draw conclusions that may differ from the mainstream consensus.

Star Wars plot holes - Han realization

Your Focus Determines Your Reality: Debunking Star Wars Plot Holes

Michael O'Connor explores Star Wars plot holes and reveals why they don't exist... if you have a little imagination.
Jar Jar - Star Wars Comedy

Laugh it up, Fuzzball: Star Wars Comedy

Michael O'Connor returns to discuss Star Wars comedy and why humor is as essential to the saga as drama or tragedy.
The Case for Padme: All Hail the Queen!

The Case for Padme: All Hail the Queen!

Queen Amidala is royalty, so why is she treated like a second class citizen? Michael O'Connor examines the saga's most accomplished character and addresses the controversies that have sullied her good name.
Star Wars mysteries- twin suns rising

The Wonder of Wondering: Star Wars Mysteries in the Prequels

Star Wars has always posed questions, even when we expected answers. Michael O'Connor examines why the prequels confounded expectations by creating as many new Star Wars mysteries as they resolved.

Phantom Menaces: Star Wars Tribalism

Michael O'Connor senses much fear and division in our culture, our politics, and our fandom. What can we learn about tribalism through the lens of Star Wars?
Star Wars politics- Palpatine

Sounding Like A Separatist: Star Wars Politics

Does Star Wars represent a politically liberal or conservative view of the world? Michael O'Connor weighs the evidence of Star Wars politics and makes a verdict.
Star Wars Worlds

Power to the Prequels: The Worlds of “Wars”

Grab your intergalactic passport and join Michael O'Connor as he investigates the prequel trilogy worlds and environmental storytelling.
Prequel Villains heroes surrounded by villains in the Star Wars prequels

Hives of Scum and Villainy: the Prequel Villains Examined

Join the Dark Side with Michael O'Connor as he ponders prequel villains and the glorification of evil.
Power to the Prequels: I, Anakin

Power to the Prequels: I, Anakin

What makes such a flawed character as Anakin Skywalker an appealing protagonist? Michael O'Connor explains.
Do Clones Dream of Electric Banthas?

Do Clones Dream of Electric Banthas?

Unlearn what you've learned about the clones of the episodic Star Wars saga--the filmic evidence may surprise you.
moral ambiguity, power to the prequels, attack of the clones

Beyond Good & Evil in the Prequels

Michael O'Connor descends into a Sarlaac Pit of moral ambiguity to explore the compromised heroism of the Old Republic, painted in shades of gray.
Attack of the Clones

The Tragic (Lack of) Romance in Attack of the Clones

Michael O'Connor debuts on RetroZap with an exploration of the nuance in Anakin and Padmé's relationship.

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