Podcast Stardust #99: The Clone Wars – Victory and Death – 0712

by Podcast Stardust

The final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars arrives as Ahsoka and Rex fight for their lives on a cruiser full of clones under Order 66.

It had to happen someday, and it has finally happened: the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In “Victory and Death,” Ahsoka and Rex find themselves in an action packed episode as they make plan after plan to escape from the clones, the Republic cruiser, and the trap set for them by Darth Sidious.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Ahsoka and Rex’s plan to escape the Republic cruiser,
  • The emotional impact of this episode compared to other episodes,
  • Rex’s dilemma in choosing to side with Ahsoka over his brother clones,
  • The carnage Maul left behind in his escape,
  • The change in the clones after Order 66,
  • Ahsoka’s insistence that she won’t kill any of the clones herself, and
  • Vader’s investigation of this event.

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