Podcast Stardust #6: What is the Dark Side?

by Podcast Stardust

We are asking, “What is the Dark Side of the Force?” on this fully armed and operational episode of Podcast Stardust.

Yoda was very insistent that Anakin, Luke, and any other Jedi that would listen should avoid the dark side of the Force. Over the course of the Star Wars movies, the dark side is often described but seldom defined. On this episode of Podcast Stardust, Dennis and Jay ask, “What is the dark side?”

The discussion includes:

  • Whether the dark side is part of the Force or its own entity,
  • If the dark side is a corrupting influence or the result of the Force being corrupted,
  • If the light side can exist without the dark side,
  • The hallmarks, powers, and philosophies of dark side Force users, and
  • The manner in which dark side Force users corrupt their lightsaber crystals.

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Podcast Stardust is the fully armed and operational podcast inspired by the code name for the Death Star. Hosted by first-generation Star Wars fans, Dennis Keithly and Jay Krebs, Podcast Stardust endeavors to bring thought provoking discussion on recent Star Wars news on a weekly basis. Between news episodes, Dennis and Jay review the latest episodes from Star Wars television covering everything from ResistanceRebels, and The Clone Wars to The Mandalorian and other live action productions on Disney+. Of course, Podcast Stardust wouldn’t be complete without thematic discussions, top ten lists, and interviews on everything from Star Wars literature, comics, and the films themselves.

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