Podcast Stardust #47: The Mutiny

by Podcast Stardust

Kragan and the pirates have had enough of Doza and stage a mutiny on the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance. Can Neeku and Battle Droid save them?

The Colossus has avoided the First Order all season long. However, there is another, closer threat. Kragan and his pirates are simmering to overthrow Captain Doza. Finally, they acquire the hardware they need to make good on their desires. Doza and Yeager have an ace up their sleeves though, and it is Neeku of all people. How will the Nikto thwart the pirates in the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance: “The Mutiny?”

On this fully armed and operational podcast, we discuss:

  • The appearance of the Crimson Corsair,
  • Kragan’s motivation for staging a mutiny against Captain Doza,
  • Neeku’s role in programming the battle droids,
  • The B-1 Battle Droid,
  • Synara’s relationship with the pirates and Doza’s crew, and
  • Neeku’s effectiveness as a spy.

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Podcast Stardust is the fully armed and operational podcast inspired by the code name for the Death Star. Hosted by first-generation Star Wars fans, Dennis Keithly and Jay Krebs, Podcast Stardust endeavors to bring thought provoking discussion on recent Star Wars news on a weekly basis. Between news episodes, Dennis and Jay review the latest episodes from Star Wars television covering everything from ResistanceRebels, and The Clone Wars to The Mandalorian and other live action productions on Disney+. Of course, Podcast Stardust wouldn’t be complete without thematic discussions, top ten lists, and interviews on everything from Star Wars literature, comics, and the films themselves.

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