Podcast Stardust #337: Kenobi Sizzle & Under the Helmet

by Podcast Stardust

Disney+ Day brought Star Wars fans a sizzle reel for Kenobi and a Boba Fett documentary feature. We dive into the details in this episode.

Disney+ turned two last week. In celebration of the anniversary, the streaming platform released new content created for Disney+, added content not previously available on Disney+, and teased upcoming projects. Although there wasn’t much Star Wars news, Lucasfilm did release a sizzle reel for Kenobi and a documentary about Boba Fett titled “Under the Helmet.” In this episode, we discuss what we thought of both releases. After that, we discuss book news, updates on the HASLAB rancor, and Star Wars video game news.

In this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • The Kenobi sizzle reel and what the concept images might mean,
  • The history of Boba Fett as told by “Under the Helmet,”
  • The release of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil,
  • The Halcyon featuring in upcoming Star Wars literature,
  • An excerpt from The High Republic: Mission to Disaster,
  • Updates on the HASLAB Rancor, and
  • Boba Fett coming to Fortnite.

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Podcast Stardust is the fully armed and operational podcast inspired by the code name for the Death Star. Hosted by first-generation Star Wars fans, Dennis Keithly and Jay Krebs, Podcast Stardust endeavors to bring thought provoking discussion on recent Star Wars news on a weekly basis. Between news episodes, Dennis and Jay review the latest episodes from Star Wars television covering everything from ResistanceRebels, and The Clone Wars to The Mandalorian and other live action productions on Disney+. Of course, Podcast Stardust wouldn’t be complete without thematic discussions, top ten lists, and interviews on everything from Star Wars literature, comics, and the films themselves.

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