Podcast Stardust #314: The High Republic – The Edge of Balance, Volume 1

by Podcast Stardust

Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi and Jedi Master Arkoff lead a Jedi Temple on Banchii when the Drengir attack in Star Wars: The High Republic – Edge of Balance, Volume 1.

Star Wars: The High Republic has graced the pages of novels, young adult novels, middle grade books, and comics since it was released in January of this year. Now, The High Republic comes to audiences in a new format: manga. In this fresh story from Justina Ireland and Shima Shinya, with art by Mizuki Sakakibara, Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi explores her place in the galaxy as she is mentored by her former master, Arkoff the wookiee. In turn, Lily focuses on training her own padawan and a new generation of Jedi on the planet Banchii as refugees from the Great Disaster arrive. However, all this is temporarily set aside when the evil Drengir arrive and threaten everything the Jedi and the Republic have worked to build. Join us on episode of 314 of Podcast Stardust as we discuss The Edge of Balance, Volume 1.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • The format of this manga and how it compares to some Star Wars comics,
  • The theme of the student surpassing the master in Star Wars,
  • Lily Tora-Asi and how she compares to Keeve Trennis and Vernestra Rwoh from Star Wars: The High Republic storytelling,
  • The appearance of the Drengir in this book and how it fits in The High Republic timeline, and
  • What we anticipate from future volumes of The High Republic: The Edge of Balance stories.

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