Podcast Stardust #282: The Bad Batch – Common Ground – 0110

by Podcast Stardust

Clone Force 99 reluctantly heads to Raxus to rescue a former Separatist Senator speaking out against the Empire, but they leave Omega behind on Ord Mantel.

Clone Force 99, better known as the Bad Batch, spent years fighting the Separatists. Therefore, when Cid assigns them a mission to rescue a Separatist Senator from Raxus, they initially balk. However, Cid has her thumb pressed firmly down on them as they still owe her a large debt. They agree to the mission, but Hunter makes the decision to leave Omega behind. Can the Bad Batch overcome their dislike of Separatists and get the job done? What will Omega do while the boys are away? Join us as we discuss “Common Ground” on this episode of Podcast Stardust.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • The theme of “heroes on both sides,”
  • Omega getting left behind and Hunter’s reason for doing so,
  • Alexander Siddig playing the role of Senator Avi Singh,
  • Omega’s talent for strategy games and dejarik, and
  • The AT-TE pursuit through the streets.

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