Podcast Stardust #265: The Bad Batch – Rampage – 0205

by Podcast Stardust

The Bad Batch agree to rescue a child from Zygerrian slavers in exchange for information on the bounty hunter pursuing them and bite off more than they can chew.

The Bad Batch put their plans to lay low on hold in order to investigate the bounty hunter that is on their trail. In the hopes of acquiring this intel, they head to Ord Mantell and look up a contact by the name of Cid. The information they want doesn’t come for free, and Hunter agrees to run a rescue mission to recover a child from Zygerrian slavers. However, the target isn’t what they assumed.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

    • The similarity in tone of this episode to early The Clone Wars episodes,
    • Omega’s new wrist communicator,
    • The introduction of Cid and whether she is trustworthy,
    • Whether the Bad Batch are as competent as they appeared earlier in the season and in The Clone Wars,
    • The Bad Batch’s shortcomings when dealing with the galaxy after Order 66,
    • The big surprise related to Muchi and how Muchi might not be who fans think she is, and
    • Who exactly put the bounty out on the Bad Batch.

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