Podcast Stardust #259: The Bad Batch – Replacements – 0103

by Podcast Stardust

Omega proves her worthiness to be part of the squad while Crosshair leads a new team of conscript stormtroopers on a mission from Kamino.

In the last episode of The Bad Batch, Hunter and the rest of the team escaped from the Empire on Saleucemi. Now, their ship is in need of repairs after a crash landing. Something on the Ordo Moon that they crashed on is running off with the Marauder’s capacitor though. So, Hunter and Omega go after it and Omega takes it as an opportunity to prove herself worthy of being part of the team. Back on Kamino, Admiral Rampart arrives and begins implementing Operation War-Mantle — which ends up with Crosshair in charge of a new team of recruits. We break it all down in our discussion of the latest episode of The Bad Batch.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • Admiral Rampart and Operation War-Mantle,
  • The crash landing and potential repercussions, particularly with regard to Wrecker,
  • Jay’s theory that Crosshair and his conscripts might be the basis for the Death Troopers,
  • The competing theories of whether clones or conscript soldiers might be better,
  • Wrecker’s relationship with Omega, and
  • The Kaminoans plans to keep their cloning operations from becoming obsolete.

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