Podcast Stardust #248: Rebels – The Honorable Ones – 0217

by Podcast Stardust

Zeb and Agent Kallus end up stranded on a freezing moon and must put aside their past to work together to survive until a rescue arrives.

When the crew of the Ghost heads to Geonosis to investigate Imperial activity, they find a dead world and an orbital construction yard large enough to create something huge. Before they can investigate too long, Agent Kallus and stormtroopers spring a trap on the Rebels. During the escape, the crew of the Ghost flee on their ship, but Zeb gets separated. His attempt to evade the Empire in an escape pod is thwarted when Agent Kallus climbs aboard just in time. However, the two end up stranded on a frozen moon with no hope of escape unless they can put aside their distrust and complicated past and work together. We explore this difficult relationship in this week’s discussion of Rebels.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • The tie-ins between Rebels and Rogue One first introduced in this episode,
  • Whether the creative team of Rebels are retconning the character of Agent Kallus,
  • How Kallus and Zeb are forced to work together in this episode,
  • The contrast between Zeb’s reunion with the crew of the Ghost and Kallus’s return to the Empire, and
  • How Ralph McQuarrie’s concept paintings inspired this episode.

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Podcast Stardust is the fully armed and operational podcast inspired by the code name for the Death Star. Hosted by first-generation Star Wars fans, Dennis Keithly and Jay Krebs, Podcast Stardust endeavors to bring thought provoking discussion on recent Star Wars news on a weekly basis. Between news episodes, Dennis and Jay review the latest episodes from Star Wars television covering everything from ResistanceRebels, and The Clone Wars to The Mandalorian and other live action productions on Disney+. Of course, Podcast Stardust wouldn’t be complete without thematic discussions, top ten lists, and interviews on everything from Star Wars literature, comics, and the films themselves.

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